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yes to all of this. they want to rebuild the ottoman empire just how putin wants the soviet union. i was holidaying in turkey a few times, talked about politics/history (after a few drinks) and they are very nationalistic and expansionist.

plus, the sabbatean-frankists and young turks are globally influential and fundamentally communists (jesuitic), so merkel and putin are all erdogans partners.

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plus, the sabbatean-frankists and young turks are globally influential and fundamentally communists (jesuitic), so merkel and putin are all erdogans partners.

I agree it's probably true, but do you happen to have some evidence for that claim in particular? I was trying to look for evidence of Erdogan being a freemason but was unable to find anything significant. Or I was trying to find evidence of a bribe given by a major power to Erdogan. I could've sworn when the palace was built there were lots of articles about how it was built using bribe money, but I was unable to find them when I just looked recently. I'd love to have one more piece of the puzzle that truly shows the guy is under the thumb of some major power. (Other than all the actions he is doing, which is quite an indicator in itself)

The military-industrial-banking complex will definitely spend a few billion dollars if guarantees they will get a trillion-dollar war. It's just financially logical, unfortunately.

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i am a bit busy (getting ready to build a new shed, redoing a bathroom, the spring is here, etc) atm, but i will post stuff as i go. in turkey the real power was held by the army, and erdogan changed that with purges and concentrated power in his own hand. he purged the gulenists and also reduced the influence of the 'elders' (babas? or smthing like that they are called), he purged the teachers, the journalists, etc, reduced the power of the parliament, the government, the courts, and concentrated everything in his hands. so it's probably not hard for him to get rich. putin did the same in russia, they are following the same pattern.

edit: but i don't have anything concrete about the jesuit connection other than that erdogan went to visit bergoglio in the vatican and bergoglio also visited him in turkey afterwards..

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I've noticed this string of events that I've pieced together in to this narrative. We can never be certain of the truth when it comes to things like this, but the evidence does seem to support the idea. People really need to be paying attention to what Turkey is doing right now.

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I don't see where they were bribed or how they were bribed, and by who. Maybe they just suck and think about their own interests, and other nations that believe in cooperation stupidly accept agreements for cooperation as agreements?

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It takes a bit of logic to fill in this gap. Do you think Erdogan just has all this money suddenly out of nowhere? You think he's following US/Israeli geopolitical goals for funzies? No, he's being paid. It's bribery. Erdogan is a key chess piece and everyone with power knows it. Why wouldn't they be bribing him?

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Or it's just embezzlement. He did a huge purge a while back using social media. He could have taken out any arbitrary person. You don't call Erdogan out on his embezzlement if you are anyone capable of knowing in Turkey.

For being bribed he sure is making nobody happy.

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For being bribed he sure is making nobody happy.

Isn't that the truth!

But I think that's just more evidence of the bribe. The only way he is keeping power is not by popular will, but rather because he has some huge flow of cash supporting him. Perhaps it is embezzlement, but Turkey's economy is not that great... it seems like they suddenly got access to a huge stream of money about 20 or 10 years ago. Which would also make sense why the US was so mad about them using that money to buy Russian-manufactured arms.

Also he could be doing a combination of embezzling taxpayer money, and also getting huge "foreign aid" both above and below the table, that is basically a bribe to control Erdogan and his government.

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He has the will of his people. He's pretty popular there. The US is afraid of losing him as part of NATO because we need to prevent Russian ships hitting open ocean. Europe was scared of him over immigration, and also wanted to not hurt NATO stability. Russia would like to not piss off Turkey under the idea that maybe it could switch sides and doesn't want to permanently ruin the hope of a warm Water port. Saudi Arabia is worried about oil line prospects to Europe that would disappear if they pissed of Turkey. Israel, same thing except with Golan heights. Syria and Iran genuinely hate Turkey and have no problem showing it.

They treat Turkey nicer than they should because Turkey is important, not because they bribed him and want to protect someone they think is in their pocket but simultaneously doesn't play along with anyone. What all these countries need to learn is that someone is your ally not because they are important but because they are nice to you and are important. Turkey needs a kick to the curb by everyone.

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I guess he is fairly popular, 43% approval:

Your explanation of events makes a lot of sense.

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Erdogan is behaving like a really infamous Austrian Nazi. He really believes in himself being able to play both (in fact three) sides, i conclude from all this.

We all know what happened to the Nazi guy, right ? There were a lot of (most of them unknown to a wider audience) assassination attempts on him that failed, sadly.

Maybe some Kurdish group should grow the balls to finally do, what obviously needs to be done. They just need a leader like him: .

Our EU administration wannabees are way too weak, what they clearly show all the time by appeasing this mofo .

I even remember a suit in Germany, where Erdogan tried to gag a German journalists with some faked "hate-speech" - bs against him. This one was obviously satirical but as small as he is as human he even can't take being criticized outside his borders.

I forgot to count how many ppl. of his political opposition he put in jail and threw away the key, which supports my thesis.

From the last one it follows (at least for me) clearly, that you shouldn't trust any "supporter" numbers from Turkey for him.