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I wonder if they allow Muslim videos that offer up Islam's perspective. Yes they do.

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They wouldn't want to be a bigot, right?!

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I think it's a total load of bull-biscuits. All this will do is continue pushing people to new platforms; so in that sense it's good.

My thoughts from there, are that all people's Right to be heard should be honored, if you're easily offended don't listen. If whoever is speaking means harm, then be ready to protect yourself; the real world.

Also, there will always be someone, or people that think, and act differently; it's in human nature to be something more than a follower.

Tolerance is a two way street, and needs to be viewed objectively. I think the best anyone on an individual level can do is fight for everyone to exercise their Inalienable Rights; while at the same time, realizing their happiness in the world will have to be found from within. It's simply not anyone's 'exclusive world'.

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I don't have a problem with gay people, they bleed red like everyone else but it pisses me off when they demand special treatment. I've been hated by a lot of Christians in my day because in their opinion I'm a sinner and going to hell. They've picketed my place of employment more than once and guess what, I don't agree with what they believe but they should have the freedom to express that belief as long as they aren't violent. Censorship of anyone is bullshit.

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I don't have a problem with gay people, they bleed red like everyone else

You had me wondering where this was headed

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Vimeo sucks. They removed a film trailer of mine because it contained part of a demonic ritual.