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The main difference is that the historically verified messianic predictions in the old testament were so precise that there was no possibility that anything other than the true God could have made them and then had them fulfilled.

If you pay attention to all major spiritual texts (as well as lesser know occult ones), actual predictions are never made - and when they are, they are ver vauge and can be fulfilled in multiple different ways. This is not true when it comes to the canonical Bible.

In fact, of the 40 or so major messianic predictions, 17 are used to just illustrate the impossibility of all being fulfilled by one man (even by coincidence). A quick internet search will show that even conservative secular scolars estimate the chances of just these 17 prefictions coming true (30 peices of silver, bones not broken, born in Bethlehem, etc...) are in the range of 1030 - 1043. However, the chances of the 300 or so messianic predictions being fulgilled by one man is well over 10100 (again, a quick google will verify this).The number of atoms in the observable universe is estimatd to be 1078 - 1082.

Some secular historians argue that there is no corraborating evidence to the Biblical accounts, which is either true to a degree, or obfuscated by plausible arguments in favor of fakery and what have you. But, there are some events that are verified by pagans at the time of Christ's excecution that are indisputible historical fact, such as Tertullian's observance of the sky going dark at midday for 2+ hours. If you discount these independant accounts, then you must likewise discount much of ancient history.

So basically, the miracles done by Jesus as the messiah not only include ressurection of the dead, healing of the sick, casting out demons etc... but also the fulfillment of precise prophecy from 400+ years before the events. Also, the nature of Jesus' miracles also (imo) indicate a good rather than evil source. Evil is a skilled adversary, but it is not that skilled.

Once you really start delving into Biblical research and secular verification of the claims made, you will discover that there is really no reason to doubt the Bible. Almost every argument I had in favor of a corrupted text or just mere impossiblity of the accpunts came to a crashing halt a few months after I started reveiwing both secular scholars work and the theological critiques of those work and vica versa.

Thanks for reading.

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brother! You're awesome. Thank you for your post! :D