How do we know Jesus comes from the good God and not from demons? What is the difference between Jesus' miracles and occult power? by Aphemix in ChristianConspiracy

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brother! You're awesome. Thank you for your post! :D

Who is Jesus? Who is God? What is the truth? by Aphemix in ChristianConspiracy

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I understand. I agree he was a wise person, and I agree that it is reasonable to view him as merely being a wise person if we evaluate his person on the basis of some of the things he is alleged to have said.

I do not believe that the truth of Jesus can be correctly evaluated merely on the basis of the wise things he is supposed to have said. Rather, I believe the truth of Jesus is only evidenced correctly by a broader range of factors: his having allegedly fulfilled much Old Testament prophecy, for example, and his having convinced a non-trivial subset of ancient Jews that he had indeed fulfilled these prophecies as their expected Christ. His having allegedly raised from the dead, for example, and his having convinced a non-trivial subset of ancient Jews of the significance of his person with the claim of his resurrection as a primary basis of their persuasion. And not least of all, his having allegedly described himself all throughout his ministry to have explicitly been sent by God and be representing the agency of God: something I can only imagine would be extremely difficult for an observer to reconcile had Jesus not also substantiated his claims; indeed, something I imagine would even be difficult to reconcile with his otherwise being renowned as wise. These factors, I believe, demand scrutiny: they demand an explanation that is far more robust than Jesus merely having been a wise teacher; otherwise they demand the circumstances be interpreted selectively and some factors ignored.

my own explanation is that Jesus is truly the Christ of God, and it is very important to me that I find the truth. But I know we each evaluate differently, and I know your explanation is your own.

thanks for your response.

Is Orthodoxy Wrong About the Second Coming? by to_telos in ChristianConspiracy

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I believe that in Matt 16, Jesus is emphasizing the imminence of the kingdom, which begins forthcoming roughly at the time of the resurrection. Thus, when Jesus says the kingdom will be coming during the time his disciples are still alive, he is correct: this is indeed the time period when the kingdom begins coming; it is the time period when the kingdom is imminent. Conversely, in Matt 24 and Luke 21, Jesus is more emphasizing the arrival of the kingdom, an event which occurs much later, at the conclusion of the period of imminence. This arrival of the kingdom is the event Christians are generally thinking of when they say "the second coming of Christ," and this does not occur during the time when the disciples of Jesus are alive. We can ascertain this by the prophetic signs we are told to look for in Matt 24 and Luke 21.


Why won't God just reveal himself, if it's so important that we believe in him? by Aphemix in ChristianConspiracy

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Why is the Bible so confusing, if it's so important that we understand what God is saying? by Aphemix in ChristianConspiracy

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further reading: 1, 2.

What this sub is about by Aphemix in ChristianConspiracy

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have you understood what you've seen in the OP? Do you acknowledge that this is a thing?

then I can tell you this: understanding that this stuff is dangerous is not enough. Right this second it might be enough, but this occult stuff is taking over the world, and it's going to succeed at doing it -- and any person with a worldly value system is going to hop right on it and agree to it. Why? Because every single thing that is advantageous or preferable according to that worldly value system is already under its power, and so for the sake of your own advantage, to suit your own preferences, you will agree.

the only possible way out, it's not just better knowledge of danger, it's not trying a little harder or having better self-control. It's the completely new value system, one which is not incentivized by the rewards of this world -- something which is only, only able to be maintained by the avenue of the inner, supernatural changes to the heart which accompany a submission to the risen Jesus Christ. I repeat: there is no other way. It only happens supernaturally, and only Jesus can do it.

nobody wants to hear this, I know! Nobody likes it! And for that I am sorry. I also cannot sit here and prove to you that what I am saying is true, or has any meaning at all: understanding these things is a process. However, my testimony is this: that I am extremely, extremely acquainted with what I am saying, and I am also very careful that I not speak presumptuously, and I am fully, fully confident that what I am saying is the truth, and that I have abundantly perceived evidence. I am not somebody special, that you should listen to me on the basis of my authority, but I definitely do know this material and I do have things to contribute. Therefore, so far as I am able, I will make my own resources, my own labor, and my own person available to you, that we may all be equipped together. That is the purpose of this sub.

here is some Scripture I curated, with the hope that it will help to illustrate some of these things. Maybe you've never looked at Scripture before. I've tried to keep it as digestible as possible, for those without any background knowledge.

thanks for reading. Cheers everybody.

Welcome to by magnora7 in AntiExtremes

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hey OP. New sub creation appears to be disabled ( and I haven't been able to find any information or public statement about this anywhere on the site. Can you share anything about this that might be relevant to me or other interested users? Thank you.