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Sanitary conditions stops the spread of a virus? STOP THE PRESSES.

We really need to stop this insane paranoid hype over this shit. Let me know when this fucking thing kills more people in a year than THE FUCKING FLU does EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN YEAR AND NO FUCKING PERSON SEEMS TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THAT.

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Maybe it would help to spray soap water or peroxide-water in the air? At least it would be easy to clean surfaces and clothes. is a like bleach and easily available.

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That might be unsafe. It's best to not get too inventive with chemicals. Better would be to just not touch your face. Wash your hand often, including some number of times in the day without going to the bathroom, and just avoiding people.

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Article in Nature about using standard medicine against the Corona RNA virus.

Remdesivir and chloroquine effectively inhibit the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in vitro

It is claimed to be "highly effective".
This information may save some lives for people that need treatment.

Discussion at:

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So many stories out there about dirty surfaces. The most germ-ridden surface in a public restroom? The door handle! You touch many dirty things. Then you touch your keys, your mobile phone, your credit cards. Personally, I clean my mobile phone every night.