Only you can help to lower property values by Chipit in memes

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White collar rich elitist racist, greedy shit crimes cause those crimes. Get over yourself, alt-right losers.

So it turns out tofu and all these other vegan foods are ruining the planet by Chipit in NotTheOnion

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Vegans are just dumb. We're animals, we're omnivores, and we need meat to fucking survive, and nothing you eat can give you what you need nearly as efficiently as meat.

Do we eat too much meat? Fuck yes. Fuck goddamn yes, we do. And that's where "vegans" should be concentrating efforts, to REDUCE the amount of meat eaten. But cutting it out completely? Stupid, useless, and does absolutely nothing that these vegans believe it does.

The Dawkins Doctrine: How ‘Critical Thinking’ Atheists Become Servile Followers of Dogma by Jesus in news

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You're so afraid of the truth that "god" doesn't exist that you're willing to lie about everything. Go rethink your life.

Reddit's Ministry of Truth has removed mods from r/the_donald and is attempting to infiltrate the mod team with a list of "vetted and approved applicants" by Orangutan in The_Donald

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"Ministry of truth". Go fuck yourselves, you're the ones trying to create a fucking 1984 world, you asshats.

Saidit needs to ban this sub just like reddit should have banned it on day fucking one when it was apparent it was full of racist, hateful, lying shitheads.

Use soap to kill Corona virus (tip) by zyxzevn in Biology

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Sanitary conditions stops the spread of a virus? STOP THE PRESSES.

We really need to stop this insane paranoid hype over this shit. Let me know when this fucking thing kills more people in a year than THE FUCKING FLU does EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN YEAR AND NO FUCKING PERSON SEEMS TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THAT.

Reddit is now dictating who can and can't moderate r/The_Donald. Will be vetting future mods. by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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the_donald should have been banned from day one. How a fucking subreddit could exist for so long spouting lies, bullshit, personal attacks, calls for violence and attacks, and other garbage is proof that reddit was funded by the Orange Shitcunt to run his fucking subreddit in an attempt to win, and it worked. Make no mistake, reddit is largely responsible for that asshat being president.

BREAKING: Democratic leadership are afraid that the American voter is going to interfere in the 2020 election by EndlessSunflowers in WayOfTheBern

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Reddit is filled with morons of both sides. Meanwhile Saidit (more like sadists) seems to be full of the_donald refugees who need to fuck off to Russia.

Why America Is Losing The Toilet Race by vemrion in offbeat

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All you get is shit still stuck in your wet ass with a bidet. Wipe with TP and for the last wipe or two, add a small amount of water to get your ass clean, all without some uncomfortable, stupid Japanese toilet spraying water up your ass.