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Eh, not really. It was Nafta that started it.

The people of North America did not explicitly consent to Nafta. They were never asked to vote on the deal, and its bipartisan support ensured that there was little scope for dissent. The huge grassroots resistance in all three nations was ignored or maligned. The deal was fixed between political and commercial elites, and granted immortality.

That, and admitting China to the WTO. These twin shocks destroyed the American working class. It wasn't some kind of mistake or unexpected outcome. It was the whole idea. Our elites deliberately ruined our little people to enrich hostile countries.

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signed by bill clinton, but if you were against it were you supposed to vote repub? it was also supported by Poppy Bush.

Trump said he'd renegotiate it, lied.

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Trump got some concessions. Not much but at least he tried. Bush and Clinton are two sides of the same coin: globalists. They both despise the American people and wish them harm.

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no real concessions, it's same nafta they just slapped a new name on it. reminds me of when Obama when campaigning said he would renegiate nafta, but then some rumors said he had assured Canada he wouldn't and it was just lies for the campaign, this became a conspiracy theory that was denied by establishment dem supporters, but looks like it was true since he never did renegotiate nafta.