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Seven more aboriginals to hang for the murder of a white man who was playing sand lot cricket with his kids Western Australia, Christmas Day 2007.

Then the black schitzo who never faced charges who killed two white teens in Rockhampton Qld, he had called on their household and asked them to accompany him on a bush walking expedition, they went with him in the better interests of race relations whence he bludgeoned both to death.

Two more blacks accosted a sleeping white man in Brisbane murdered him and stole his shoes, one got two years the one took his shoes got off scott free.

Count twenty five hangin's to go .. until we get to the case of Rene Peter Ulz which could generate hundreds of hangings.

Missing Austrian student Brisbane Australia, Fortitude Valley police are seeking public assistance to help locate a 28 year old Austrian student Rene Peter Ulz who has not been seen since early Friday morning.

He was last seen outside the Birdie Num Num nightclub in Gipps Street Fortitude Valley about 12.45am on Friday March 23, 2007, about 3am a friend of Mr Ulz’s contacted him on his mobile at which time Mr Ulz stated he was lost, however he would try and get back to his unit in Russell Street West End.

Mr Ulz failed to return and has not been seen or heard from since .. Brisbane, Friday April 13, 2007, the body of Rene Peter Ulz was found on inaccessible private property at the bottom of high cliffs at New Farm, darkies frequent that place and it is common for them to throw white people from the cliff tops .. the Queensland Police let them get away with it.