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This is where I got the impression:

Most sex magic involves (for men) either wanking, other men or (literally) MILFs (aka woman who gave birth) and is (in order) about aligning your will, relieving stress or guidance to where you would like to plant your seed.

Raping a child would be like "I'm a hacker" and with your windows machine going on some shady porn-site and downloading the 'virus-scanner' from the pop up

So my takeaway was: there is no occult pedophilia/child rituals because that would be "doing magic wrong". So it seemed kind of dismissive.

I do appreciate you trying to teach me about these things, and showing me the other side/a different perspective on these things.

or pressured into by a group (and possibly guided by shady ass dogmatic texts).

Yes this is what I am saying, and I suspect this is happening. I think there is some kind of Baphomet cult out there or something. Some kind of group could easily be pressuring members to assault kids for whatever reason. Maybe just to prove they are really in and to have blackmail material for if they try to leave or spill the beans. Or maybe it's the old child blood drinking that has supposedly always been going on. Or maybe they assault each other's kids on purpose so that they can raise sociopaths- on purpose. Or maybe it's all part of someone's specific plan for shedding their humanity and becoming godlike.

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So it seemed kind of dismissive.

I can see that a bit, what I tried to do was explain who ehm weird/twisted it child/human sacrifice or sex-magic with unwilling participants. Now if you would only look up 'tantra' you will get more then enough derailed sex-cults with abuse based on 'sex magic', so I'm trying to explain the difference between 2 gun-nuts: 1 fires it at the shooting range and 2 fires it at his/her school: There is more to the difference that just noting the location.

I do share your musings in the last paragraph. Maybe one more thing about 'blood':

Blood as used by Jesus is a word that can also be translated to something in english best expressed as soul (only not linked to the ego as it is mostly used in english). In alchemic/esoteric texts there is the same usage of 'blood' which would give a whole other meaning to blood sacrifice, blood-bond, blood oath etc.

Now what if some random egdelord comes across a alchemical text about 'wealth' or 'eternal life' or whatever cool stuff they used to mask their knowledge of the spirit transformation? 'Oh okay so I need blood, a virgin and have my seed absorb it... So I kill a girl and jack off on it right?'

I did read a Shakti-tantra collection in which their was this ritual which did require blood, menstrual blood to be precise, wine and semen, mix it together and drink it. (Seems like that 'one week' of the month in the local swingers club) but yeah India and Hinduism do have some next level: LOL let's eat some roasted flesh of the dead and down a bottle of alcohol to get visions started mentality. (and I read a 1930ies translation to English so it could well be the translator having a cocaine fueled nightmare because handwritten Sanskrit is HARD)

To conclude: “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.” ~ Steven Weinberg

And magic is religion for the individual as religion is magic for the masses, it is a human that goes 'LOL I need to sacrifice/rape a human/child'.*

*most animal sacrifices are eaten afterwards, the sacrifice ceremony is a cleansing-ish ritual or thaning ritual. Even in the bible it's been noted that the priests (and if there is any left the rest of the clergy) ate the Jewish sacrifices. [Probably why Jesus isn't a 'cool' guy in that religion (because he is a prophet in Islam) he pointed out the greedy fat fuckers]

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I think I see where you're at with this. It's an oversimplification to say Luciferianism (or occult or magic) is bad, like saying Christianity is good.

I'll say what I say to people who don't like me using the word Zionist- give me a more accurate label and I will use that instead. "Extremist occultists" maybe.

Edit: And you seem to trash all religion but Luciferianism is religion too?

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Edit: And you seem to trash all religion but Luciferianism is religion too?

Though (if you can speak of it as one, it's more splinters with a same-ish philosophy behind wildly different practices) it's not based on worship nor on absolute 'texts of truth'. This makes dialogue, criticism and rejection a thing this sort of religion can take without getting mad/murderous.

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Time to open up a Memphis BBQ church that demands regular sacrifices.

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To conclude: “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.” ~ Steven Weinberg

Or debt bondage and service to a corporation.