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out of the list of 3, I'd keep drugs, and music. However, in my own life, personally, I'd choose different altogether.

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I'll take sex and music. Never seen the appeal of drugs (no, not even caffeine), although you're going to need to be a bit more specific on what counts as a drug... I mean, I drink tea. Is that a drug?

Also, what happens if I do take a drug? Do I spontaneously combust? Does it just not affect me? Or disappear, or be replaced with sugar pills? What if it's not on purpose? Questions, man, questions.

Edit: Also, out of curiosity, if you choose no music, it says YouTube and other streaming sites are banned. Does that just apply to music? I mean, you could still watch / listen to YT videos without any music in them, right?

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You can ingest any drug and they will still have the same physiological effects. You'll still get a vasoconstricted walnut potdunker and dilated pupils and look like a sweat-sodden alien if you took MDMA but there will be zero change in brain chemistry, so serotoninergic and dopaminergic reuptake inhibitors are virtually inoperable with substances. You'll be like a base human android that can only attain gratification from natural responses, like a weirdo. You can still drink tea but it'll need to be low enough in caffeine so as to constitute a super weak cuppa.

You can still use all of the same platforms but music will be muted wherever there is music. At least you get the small pleasure of bobbing those dogshit wobble crank intros on most tutorial vids.

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Feels like there are still some blurry lines here but it's specific enough for a hypothetical question. I don't change my answer.

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I'd choose no music. Sex is grand and drugs are great for anxiety and pain

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I really love music and sex, so I’d have to take those for sure. I also love drugs, but the only drugs I do are weed and prozac. I can do without, even though I’d really miss blunts.

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Sex and music.

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Sex and music.

I really was looking forward to doing psychedelics, but I won't miss as much as I will without sex, intimacy, and music. I've already done weed and alcohol, and don't even do it anymore, so at least I had that experience.