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Good call on the porn thing. Keep up the quality!

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Such a great system! Focusing from day one on positivity and making sure everyone knows this is a non-bullying, no attacks allowed website. I was on another website (which shall remain nameless) where someone disagreed with something I said but having no justifiable response instead attacked me, my background, my culture and even attacked and insulted my mother! When I requested that the moderator delete that comment they called me a baby, said I needed to fight my own battles and to fight fire with fire. That was when I decided to look for another platform. Thanks for setting up one that will tolerate no abuse. The hierarchy you post for everyone is great!

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Glad to hear you like it! Welcome to the site!

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Thanks so much - if you need extra volunteer moderators let me know!

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Looking good guys, I’m excited to dig in. Also, I’m glad there’s no pornography.

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Glad to have you around!

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I'm not sure where this could be posted (because there aren't enough subXes for everything yet), but I'll post a few places where I find the word "reddit", so that you know where to find them when you get the chance

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When you go to create an account, it says "get the best of reddit emailed to you once a week"

If you click on "Preferences", it says reddit 7 times. (ctrl-F)

Also, in the top left corner, there's "my subreddits"

When you go to send a PM, it says "(username, or /r/name for that subreddit's moderators)"

Clicking on "account activity" has the message "You are currently accessing reddit from this IP address:"

Also I just noticed that editing a post doesn't put a star next to it; not sure if this is intended or not.

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Thanks, that would be very much appreciated to have a list like that. Also if you see any reddit icons or imagery.

You can just reply to me right here if you like, or you can make a post to /r/antiextremes which is designated for discussion regarding improving the website itself.

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Okay! I'll copy paste my message there and keep editing it there

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Great thanks!

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I'm pretty far to the right, politically, and hope to see actual legitimate debate and conversations without the reddit 'snark' and the voat 'niggers'. The C_S_T model seems pretty cool, but this seems like it could be an incredible moderation challenge. Finding enough honest moderators who will work without pay could be an even bigger challenge.

If you can pull off the honest moderator thing, you'll have surpassed Sisyphus. Even if you fail at the impossible, any movement in that direction is refreshing.

I was on reddit for 11 years, and have seen it all. (Remember Saydrah?) Maybe in 2030 I'll be like, "yep, I was antiextremes back when it was cool." lol, j/k. Anyway, cheers! And good luck!

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Thanks :) Nice to hear from you. I remember Saydrah and reddit from back then too. Just let us worry about the moderation, and you worry about posting good content and comments :) We will do our best.

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Your press on voat. Definitely appreciate the free expression, but wish the quality of conversation were higher.

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Is that the link you meant to send?

I agree with what you say about voat.

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Sorry, looks like I lost the last 3 above.

Reddit user u/magnora7 says Reddit went to one extreme and Voat to another; creates "reddit clone" website called (news)

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Ah thanks for the link. Interesting to see the reactions. I was hoping to release it there myself... Oh well.