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I somewhat agree. I mean a joke is a joke, even if it's racist it can still be funny. And I would also agree that due to the promotion of such a politically-correct culture these last few years, many people have become very obsessed with being offended about every little thing they come across and have forgotten how to laugh. That said, we must also consider that the anonymous nature of the internet has caused many people to forget how to hold healthy discussion. Take your comment here for example: despite being in agreement with your initial premise, had I heard you fully say this comment in person I would have looked at you like you were fucking retarded and would assume you are too immature for adult debate.

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and thats where the hipocrisy comes into play, lol.

he is unwilling to listen, and started claiming troll, he's the one incapable of debate, so i let him eat memes.

i could assume you and him are with the dummies who fall back to the chants when they get squished by legit logic. or they call you a nazi, lmfao.

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Reddit took an extreme stance on its censorship. That's why voat was created, because fuck them I'll say what I want. I switched to voat when I became fed up with reddits bullshit mod rules, political and ideological censorship, as well as the over the top SJW culture. I enjoyed the switch at first but voat became a circle jerk real quick. I shouldn't have been surprised because that's all reddit is. One big propaganda machine for the masses to condition themselves with. Voat is the same machine, its conditioning is just reversed. It quickly became a place filled with "Can you believe Reddit doesn't allow us to say jew nigger faggot?! I'm going to say it here in the comments because I can! Hey guys lets all make jew nigger faggot memes to trigger the snowflakes cause it's hilarious!!" And I get it, there is a place for that, and some people enjoy memes and shitposts, but that kind of content just feels like a waste of time to me.