Joe Cumia is a niggerfaggot who raped his sister by NlGGERS in OpieAndAnthony

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You sure Saidit!

Fun Fact : Joe Cumia's Brother Had a Radio Show by TurkFebruary in OpieAndAnthony

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That's weird. What happened? Why isn't his brother on the radio anymore?

"Anthony is... an unapologetically masculine man" - Joe Rogan by Nigel_Igger in OpieAndAnthony

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Rogan thinks a healthy workout is spotting for a guy on the weight lifts and then sucking him off in the showers.

Mid-40s midget Jew, lost his job at Rockstar trying to impress a sub that hated him with inside info. He thought it would gain him back some respect after his Guitar Hero fail... by AndRiseAgain in OpieAndAnthony

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This Jew must go out of his way to be such a failure. Just based on nepotism, he should have some bullshit media office job making 80k a year. He's too much of a loser even for that.

Maybe this place isn't so bad? by [deleted] in OpieAndAnthony

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We just have to agree to abide by the Heptagon of Harmony and blame 9/11 on the Jews.

Nice dead forum, stupid by AnthonyCumia in OpieAndAnthony

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I hope the Flat Earthers and 911 Truthers who run Saidit have a server that can handle us returning.

Shit Balls and Nigger Spit by OnA_SafeSpace in OpieAndAnthony

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I couldn't decide whether your post was funny or insightful. Maybe it's both!

This place looks fucking dead. Are we here, on the forum, or on the 8ch board? by ImAFag in OpieAndAnthony

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Forum. I hate message boards too, but it's still better than this Reddit clone run by Flat Earthers.

FAGGOT by sSol94 in OpieAndAnthony

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I found this post fun and insightful!

~13 users here now by dassabess0 in OpieAndAnthony

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13 is a lot for Saddit. We're breaking their website with those numbers.

Can someone get M. to fight this false DMCA? by Ratherpleasent in OpieAndAnthony

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We'd never be able to afford him.

There's no way this is gonna last forever here. I think it should be viewed as a substitute. by bigtitters in OpieAndAnthony

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We're going to overwhelm their servers again if more r/OnA refugees flock here. Saidit is meant to be a hugbox for people who think Earth is flat and the Jews did 9/11. They aren't equipped to handle us flooding in.

We're going to do to Saidit what Syrians are doing to Germany.

I want to choke the fucking life out of SpaceEdge by StudEse420 in OpieAndAnthony

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130 Americans die every day from opioid overdoses. Thomas has some Artie Lange level luck to still be going.

The good thing is, if a junkie doesn't use for a while, a dose they could handle in their past could kill them if they go back. Best case scenario is he gets arrested for petty shoplifting, can't make bail, so has to go through an excruciating detox in his cell.

Months later, he is free on probation, shoots up again and dies next to a toilet.

Getting Joe Cumia banned on Twitter should be our prime directive. by 50sSpaceProgram in OpieAndAnthony

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I still hate Fatrick more, for the awful things he said about Norm Macdonald.

Joe says awful things about black people. But he's not wrong, he's just a hypocrite.

This place is already giving off more positive vibes than reddit. by KillaKuhnsDeadSon in OpieAndAnthony

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I much prefer to have our community on a website mostly used by conspiracy nuts!

What a fucking day... by TyCobbFuckParty in OpieAndAnthony

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Even with the degenerates in this fanbase, we'd still host fewer sex offenders and general perverts than Anthony does.

Reddit is full of faggots by Kike in OpieAndAnthony

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It's Millennial Facebook.

"Great news, Anth! Those reddit punks are gone forever! That stuff I said implying you look at KP and D.R. calling us out...POOF! It's like it never happened." by bovinebrain in OpieAndAnthony

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Nana has too many friends in the NYPD. As evidence by all the get-out-of-a-ticket cards he got for defending the cops on air when they kill black guys.