"Real magic" - is it possible for human consciousness to directly influence or manipulate our physical reality? Dean Radin is a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science who has documented many experiments suggesting this may be the case. What say you? by the-swerve-podcast in Physics

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Hoping more in depth studies continue to be done in this area. Very fringe science, but some of the results make one wonder if we are missing something big.

“Operation Paperclip” was a covert program executed by the US government in which 1,600 German scientists were taken from Germany post-WW2 to be employed by the US government. Many of these German professionals were known members of the Nazi party or known to be involved in war-crimes. What say you? by the-swerve-podcast in conspiracy

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Yeah, it is one of those in between a rock and a hard pace situations. Still feels like some accountability for atrocities could have been put in place in hindsight.

Have you heard of the “Missing 411” phenomena? Refers to clusters of unexplained disappearances in national parks throughout North America. David Paulides, a former police detective documents these missing persons cases and the strange occurrences associated with them... What say you? by the-swerve-podcast in conspiracy

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Yeah, the whole Missing 411 phenomenon feels like a loose creation to add a layer of mystique or supernatural activity to missing person cases.

How far would one go to obey? Would they knowingly kill someone? 🤔 The Milgram Experiment was a study conducted to better understand obedience and authority and became one of the most significant psychological studies in the 21st century. It revealed truly disturbing features of humanity. by the-swerve-podcast in conspiracy

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They have not, in fact these experiments have been demonstrated cross-culturally and repeated under various conditions. You might be thinking of another famous social psychology study, the Stanford prison experiments. It seems like there are some flaws in the Stanford study.

The Fermi Paradox questions why we have not observed extraterrestrial life given the scale of the universe. Life emerged in our galaxy and there are ~TWO TRILLION galaxies in the observable universe. Adhering to the mediocrity principle, the probability of other intelligent life is therefore high. by the-swerve-podcast in UFO

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You raise great points. Appreciate the discussion!

I agree that our capabilities for detecting life are extremely limited. However, traditionally the Fermi paradox refers to intelligent life, not simply life. In this case, it is not simply a matter of what we can detect with current technology, but how another intelligent or advanced civilization would signal to us. Why no signal?

The speed limit of the universe is the speed of light. For sure that is a massive limiting factor for communication. However, when we are discussing an observable universe that is 14 billion years old, it may not be such a limiting factor. For example, at the speed of light, signals can permeate our Milky Way galaxy alone in approximately one hundred thousand years. If (I recognize this is a big “if”) civilizations exist that are millions of years old (or more), this would not be such a limiting factor.

A final point on the speed of light, some physicists present the concept of wormholes. If it was possible to manipulate space-time, perhaps locations seemingly impossibly distant could be reached in reasonable time. To explain what I mean, if you drew two points on opposite ends of a sheet of paper, those points are the distance of the sheet of paper apart from each other. If you fold the paper so that the two points meet, they are now basically in the same location. Perhaps it is possible to manipulate space-time in such a way.