[Anadolu English] - "Israeli army releases 33 Palestinian detainees from Gaza" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. This Palestinian guy had been held for a month by the Israelis and tortured.

[Middle East Eye] - 'What flag is that? You're a Jew': Woman confronts pro-Palestine Jewish protesters in New York by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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The Zionist lady, with baby in baby stroller, wants to discuss Israeli Zionism with anti-Zionist Jewish people in NYC. The lady experiences cognitive dissonance. Maybe the anti-Zionist Jews, including the Walking Jewish Guy, are in the wrong, or n'er-do-wells, or villains.

Personally I think it's outrageous and tragic that people (e.g. Eric Adams, mayor of New York and former Head Cop of NYC) say anti-Zionism is antisemitism, however perhaps Mayor Adams and this Zionist lady know better. Maybe I'll learn someday. I also think it's outrageous that our country supports the Zionist Israeli oppressors in their apartheid, racist, very violent ethno-state.

[French Parliament] - "Urgent : Sébastien Delogu brandit le drapeau Palestinien pendant la QAG d'Alma Dufour !" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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I turn on the French to English subtitles. Members of French Parliament arguing for and against reconsideration of Israel's siege of Gaza.

[AJ+] - ‘It’s Bisan From Gaza, Look At What U.S. Weapons Have Done’ by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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Pictures of American-supplied weapons at the 3:40 mark.

Honest Government Ad | How to state capture by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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For profit fossil fuel companies are the bosses of Australia. We're very different over here, right? Right? Video includes some Australian women and men with model quality good looks. Before the next climate disasters around Australia and around the world.

[MondoweissVideos] - "What does UNRWA actually do?" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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Created by the UN. 58 refugee camps starting with tents during the first Nakba, free primary medical care, education of half a million Palestinian children, manage sanitation, employment for the locals, aid distribution. Surrounded by the occupation.

[Mid East Eye] - "British columnist Melanie Phillips faces pushback for saying YouTube shows ‘food markets’ in Gaza" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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This Brit lady is a journalist. She knows things. It's important you believe her.

She knows better than anything you might ever find or think on your own. UN says this, and UNICEF and UNRWA, but they're all compromised, Hamas or somehow sympathetic with the Hamas-likes. All terrorists I guess. And the Israelis shouldn't be considered terrorists, genocidal killers, occupiers, oppressors, purveyors of siege warfare and collective punishment, etc. Famine? Oh no, it can't be famine. See, these other folks are liars, not us.

[MoA] - "Israel 'Coerces' UN Workers - By Outright Torturing Them" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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Every time one thinks that the depravity of Zionist fanatics has finally reached a limit they will proudly present even worse behavior.

UNRWA report says Israel coerced some agency employees to falsely admit Hamas links - Reuters, Mar 9 2024

The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees said some employees released into Gaza from Israeli detention reported having been pressured by Israeli authorities into falsely stating that the agency has Hamas links and that staff took part in the Oct. 7 attacks.

Coerced, pressured, ... Maybe they had a harsh talk?

No. They outright tortured, Abu Graibh like, these UN workers. Some of them to their death:

The document said several UNRWA Palestinian staffers had been detained by the Israeli army, and added that the ill-treatment and abuse they said they had experienced included severe physical beatings, waterboarding, and threats of harm to family members.
In addition to the alleged abuse endured by UNRWA staff members, Palestinian detainees more broadly described allegations of abuse, including beatings, humiliation, threats, dog attacks, sexual violence, and deaths of detainees denied medical treatment, the UNRWA report said.
Reuters could not independently confirm the accounts of coercion of UNRWA staff and mistreatment of detainees, although the allegations of ill-treatment accord with descriptions by Palestinians freed from detention in December, February and March reported by Reuters and other news media.

[Senator Bernie Sanders] - "It is time to say NO to Netanyahu’s war machine." by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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This one is tough to watch. First, a recent UN report on SA and grapes by Hamas on Israelis, as well as Israeli SA and grapes on Palestinians. Light on details, and Bernie further lightens it by failing to mention the UN report's items regarding alleged Israeli SA/grapes on Palestinians. Both sides! Or... maybe there will be details, evidence, names of victims, prosecutions later.

Oh, there's more. Bernie alleges that American officials (Genocide Joe, Kopmala, Blinken, Sullivan) all want Israel to open the blockade (the post October 7 blockade, not the pre October 7th blockade)) to allow food, water, fuel, electricity to get to Palestinian citizens in Gaza. To avoid widespread famine and disease, instead of to enable/ensure widespread famine and disease. I'd say it's possible BERNIE wants the blockade open, but if the numbers described do not line up with the pre- October 7 blockade/occupation numbers of aid trucks per day (500 trucks per day, apparently) then it's likely bullshit while the Israeli war and genocide against Palestinian civilians continues unabated. With famine, disease, bombings of non-combatants, etc. Make no mistake, Israeli security depends on the forever occupation and oppression of Palestinians, unless the ethnic Palestinians are cleansed to somewhere faraway, or are all made dead by the Israelis defending their ethno-state. During WW2 the Nazi Germans wanted to kill all the Jews, and for some odd reason the Israeli Jews want an ethno-state where the indigenous Palestinian people are violently eliminated one way or another.

Senator Bernie doesn't mention the Israeli occupation of Gaza and Palestine. Senator Bernie doesn't mention that the United States is the superpower backing the Israelis, apparently without a thought as to what the Israelis do to the Palestinians. With weapons, money, political support so Israel can do their massacres, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and other war crimes. Bernie's rhetoric acts as if the flattening of Gaza, and amount of starvation and mass murder, the hassling of civilians to move around, etc., might be the result of a natural disaster, perhaps an earthquake or hurricane. Sure, maybe Bernie -- I don't know what I'm supposed to be agreeing with but I'd say for one thing that the American officials mentioned are not very convincing about relevant topics. Our country is at the mercy of whatever the figurehead Israeli says or does. I'm not persuaded about that either, but other audience members might be. To paraphrase Genocide Joe, He beat the socialist and he enabled mass slaughter of Palestinian non-combatants, maybe even with famine and widespread disease. I guess genocidal occupation and apartheid oppression has its rewards, eh?

See, we get to pretend that we are not complicit in the Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians, just because our tax dollars provide them weapons, ammo, money, unlimited political support, and unspecified military participation. Isn't it easy to pretend? Israel is an ethno-state and terrorist state, who have committed a long list of illegalities and atrocities over 75 years to get to this point.

[CODEPINK] - Congressman Chuck Fleischmann says "Goodbye to Palestine" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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My comment. Good work by CODEPINK. The Congressman wants the public to accept that the U.S. backs and supports Israel doing any quantity and variety of war crimes against the Palestinians now, including mass murders, siege warfare, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, the Congressman wants the public to either to be ignorant of, or support/accept Israel's occupation of Palestine as well as their ongoing oppression of Palestinians. Just like Nelson Mandela and MLK would have wanted.

To me the fun part is watching the Congressman squirm about being a representative of citizens who, all things considered, might not be willing to support any violence or injustice against either Palestinians or Israelis, excepting their respective militaries and armed combatants. Yeah, unlimited violence against and oppression of the indigenous brown Muslim people.

If you want to know why such indiscriminate violence is occurring now, long after October 7th, watch and re-watch this video. He's inspired. He's got reasons. And the elevator door can't close fast enough. Me: Palestinians deserve to live in peace throughout their ancestral lands. The American public probably do not want to support or enable mass killings of non-combatants, let alone siege warfare, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, or genocide. This guy: "No they don't deserve to live, period. There's a settler colonial project, post WW2 with its atomic bombs, where modern Israeli apartheid rules make 50% of the population people without rights."

Victoria Nuland, third-highest ranking US diplomat and critic of Russia's war in Ukraine, retiring by yaiyen in WayOfTheBern

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Her work here is done. She's done enough.

[Dangerous Ideas with Lee Camp] - "U.S. Congressman Says Palestinian Babies Are Terrorists" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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The confrontation with the current U.S. Congressman mentions the WW2 Allies fire bombing of Dresden Germany. I remember the late novelist Kurt Vonnegut writing about the firebombing of Dresden Germany. I mistakenly thought he had been there at the time, participating in the bombing from an Allied airplane (while later explaining that it was horrible.) No, I checked Wikipedia and he was there at the time of the firebombing as a POW, in an underground area.


On February 13, 1945, Dresden became the target of Allied forces. In the hours and days that followed, the Allies engaged in a firebombing of the city.[22] The offensive subsided on February 15, with about 25,000 civilians killed in the bombing. Vonnegut marveled at the level of both the destruction in Dresden and the secrecy that attended it. He had survived by taking refuge in a meat locker three stories underground.[8] "It was cool there, with cadavers hanging all around", Vonnegut said. "When we came up the city was gone ... They burnt the whole damn town down."[25] Vonnegut and other American prisoners were put to work immediately after the bombing, excavating bodies from the rubble.[26] He described the activity as a "terribly elaborate Easter-egg hunt".[25]

I think the WW2 Dresden, Tokyo, and other WW2 fire-bombings qualify as collective punishment, a war crime. Something not part of a military objective.

[Muslim Central] - "Emotional 9 Year Old Girls 🥺 Plea at Senators Office" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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Mark Warner, Senator from Virginia, and an adult would be able to explain the situation to young children who might not have been taught that Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalam, i.e. the Occupied Territories, are "enemy babies", enemy women and children, who have deserved all the violence, oppression, and illegalities over the decades.

Maybe talking to the Palestinians, coaxing them, into participating in their ethnic cleansing (if not the mass killings and genocide, or widespread disease and starvation, also) will make the Zionist Apartheid project eventually palatable to a modern civilized world. Would they (the Israelis) be okay if they didn't have American support, backing, money, weapons?

At the moment, my government is telling me that Zionist Israel deserves to be a genocidal apartheid ethno-state, whose religious book tells them they have no limits to the violence they can perpetrate on non-members. They've earned the privilege. I mean, there's the Nazi Holocaust too, so carte blanche to Final Solution someone else I suppose.

I would expect U.S. government representation to represent my interests, and apparently they're unwilling, or incapable of, doing so. I don't have anything against the Palestinians, and I don't have anything against the Israelis besides the genocide, ethnic cleansing, and oppression (being perpetrated with American support). Oh, and their corruption/bribes of my country's government. You'd think it should be easy enough though.

[Tadhg Hickey] - "An urgent message to Irish America" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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I'm happy Ireland still exists.

[Muslim Central] - "Journalist Bisan Fleeing | Attack on Al Nasser Hospital" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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[Senator Bernie Sanders] - "Children are Starving to Death in Gaza" by mzyps in WayOfTheBern

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Yep, the Israelis want to push the Palestinians out of Gaza and the Occupied Territories. Starve them out, bomb them out, kill as many as possible, destroy all the infrastructure of civilization, maim as many Palestinians as possible, et cetera. All with American support. Very little which would possible without American backing. Enemy mothers and children. Enemy babies.

I voice my opinion and make charitable donations. Bernie, any characterizations come to mind regarding the state of American democracy? Are we supposed to pick representatives, political policies?