Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases by kovri in privacy

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The EU has taken big steps to connect a host of migration and security databases in recent years. New legislation passed last April established a database that will hold the fingerprints, facial images, and other personal data of up to 300 million non-EU nationals, merging data from five separate systems. According to the report by 10 police forces, Deloitte consultants proposed doing the same with police facial images, but the idea was met with unanimous opposition from law enforcement officials.

Nonetheless, the report recommends linking all of EU member states’ facial databases, which would seem to have the same practical effect. In another internal EU police report — this one from a working group on Prüm that looked at the exchange of drivers’ license data — police note that “a network of interconnected national registers can be regarded as a virtual European register.”

Which is better: DuckDuckGo or MetaGer? by [deleted] in privacy

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Just throwing a handful out there. Will update the wiki later.

Lockdown Mode on the Librem 5: Beyond Hardware Kill Switches by kovri in Purism

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Using JavaScript to see all open tabs. Tor users not spared by kovri in privacy

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More technical paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1811.07153

Librem 5 – Massive Progress, Exact CPU Selected & Minor Shipping Adjustment by kovri in Purism

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