How do you mass-unsubscribe? by tilleyrw in help

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is that the same as the link under "edit my subs"? Because if so, itt doesn't seem to work for me; if I return to the page after clicking that, it still shows as if I'm subscribed to everything, and this fact is reflected by any random subsaidit I visit (whether selected manually or by the random tool) showing as if I'm already subscribed.

If this is happening because I'm not subscribed to anything and it is trying to make sure I have something to read... then maybe it should give me a chance to subscribe to an individual sub (or maybe even show a list of individual subs and asked me to pick one)? This place confuses me :-(

edit: just tried exactly the setting you said to see if it was the same. Apparently the link I mentioned just directs me to the settings page where I can use the unsubscribe option, and the setting actually does work... that's kind of convoluted (why hide that setting all the way at the bottom of the page? Why require the extra step instead of just unsubscribing me when I click the link? Why is the sky blue!? Wait, scratch that last one...), so my point about this place confusing me still stands, but at least I'm unsubscribed! Thanks!

People often can’t look closely at the crimes of 9/11 because they can’t imagine our own leaders being involved in anything that evil. However, government sponsored terrorism has a long history. Here are 60 examples. by Orangutan in conspiracy

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While I don't want to believe it, or at least don't want it to be true, one can only wonder what other skeletons are in the closet when there exist such things as the so-called "Communications Management Units" (CMUs) in federal prisons[1]. What else are they hiding?

That said, I've yet to see any conclusive evidence that 9/11 was a false flag. Speculation and suspicious claims, yes, but nothing I would write to my representative about (and yes, I do have enough faith in the system that that's what I would do if I thought I had a real case. Not before setting up a dead man switch that publishes my findings if they kidnap me or something, but I'd write to them). I know this is the conspiracy sub, but it's also saidit so I'm going to need more than examples of OTHER false flags to convince me that THIS event was one. What else ya got? Anything?

Welcome to! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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hmm... that pyramid looks familiar...