Why If Poland Falls, We All Fall by czeslaw_meyer in For_Slavs

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Poland fell literally two times, once in a civil war, so it also didn't, it's like French surrendering

Today, Ukraine and rest of the world remembers victims of Holodomor by CottageSamuel in For_Slavs

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May our countries never see atrocities such as those of XXth century again. It is heartbraking how people complain about 2020 when whole XXth century was "What could go wrong" asked way too many times

Today, Czechoslovakia celebrates 32 years since breaking from chains of communism by CottageSamuel in For_Slavs

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A great deed. Who would've guessed that communist regimes would collapse when Soviets stopped strongarming half of Europe into staying red? It's sad and worrying to see that Russians seem to be trying to start the whole circus again. If Putin rigs the votes at cost of communists, then by God let him rig them

Today Poland celebrates its independence. Naturally, the malding commies of r/europe are upset by people flying flags by FebrisAmatoria in For_Slavs

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Silesians and Mazovians support their claims, of course. As our great marshall said, "Poland is like a donut, great around the borders, but empty inside". Separatists and western puppets.

Slovakia: Record Number of New COVID-19 Patients Caused by Mistaken Report by CottageSamuel in For_Slavs

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Well, at least over 400 beds taken seem ridicoulous in Slovakia, so I guess you are doing somewhat well

Kremlin says NATO expansion in Ukraine is a 'red line' for Putin by Zvezda in For_Slavs

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Pff, like Ukraine would be allowed into NATO, its basically a nazi country at this point. Nobody wants to have anything to do with their government

Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine by Zvezda in For_Slavs

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Piłsudski promised Ukrainians to support the creation of their free state if we both happen to win the war with Soviets, we did but Dmowski, the Polish nationalist who cared only about destroying Piłsudski's image waltzed in and basically supported Soviets during the negotiations, which ended in Ukraine being split between Poles and Soviets with Soviets getting the bigger part.

The negotiations were overall a disaster as we went from being able to reduce USSR to a rump state to barely getting 2nd partition territories. To quote Piłsudski "I'm sorry gentlemen, I'm so very sorry, It wasn't supposed to be like that"

Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine by Zvezda in For_Slavs

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People act like there was time when Ukraine wasn't dominated by neo-nazis. It would be weird to not be when their entire nationality is built around hating Russians and Poles

Slavic organizations in Facebook's Dangerous Individuals and Organizations List by CottageSamuel in For_Slavs

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Well, the National radical camp are a bunch of people LARPing as political party and worshipping a nazbol, wonder why they got banned

Lidl ordered to stop selling Polish pork meat containing antibiotics (Czech article) by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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It's weird, our food restrictions are insane, they are like 100 times more strict than in the west. Maybe they are looser when it comes to food for import

[Belarusian] President describes migrant situation on Belarusian border as humanitarian disaster by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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Im not really sure if westerners including crypto-westerners from regions such as Silesia becoming a bit more redpilled is worth that many human lives

AHS user u/drh1138, who posted a lot of threads about r/For_Slavs on AHS, found out about the backup sub by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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On the other hand, nobody recognizable used the original accounts, they seem to have tracked us by the Samuel's account, honestly we should've been more discreet about whose this account is

West never changes by pravda in For_Slavs

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What am I looking at?

EU Suspends Regional Funds to Poland Over "LGBT-Free Zones" by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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And somehow they are suprised why Poles dislike EU. Me and my friends were drinking for victory over the western cultural imperialism when the trial was delayed. Too quickly it seems

Reddit and censorship, name a more iconic duo: "Subreddits which exist solely to spread medical disinformation and undermine efforts to combat the global pandemic should be banned." - 167k upvotes by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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As technically a doctor (I don't work in this job) I must say, that it's a bad idea, mostly because of making anti-vaxxers even more enraged. At the moment I am abosolutely pro-vax, because from knowledge of me and my two friends I discussed this matter with (a working doctor and a nurse for the lack of better word) and more importantly from our colleagues seems to be perfectly safe, some of the vaccines recently got fully approved, so case closed as far as anyone asks me