Surviving the Onslaught, Fighting for Victory! by Qluelessnomore in greatawakening

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You are aware that reddit's orangutan, that is mentioned in the article, is also saidit's mod of this greatawakening sub as well as pedogate and pizzagate ?

Precisely why I dropped this article here.

Thanks for creating this by mpow13 in greatawakening

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I know. I don't think we can red pill normies on the Voat platform the way we were on Reddit. They will not tolerate the likes of what we all created on Reddit on Voat. And delicate normies will run away from the negative environment on Voat, I think. I enjoyed the positivity of the Reddit sub and will miss that.

Thanks for creating this by mpow13 in greatawakening

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Neon Revolt and some of the mods from GA have set up a new sub on Voat called theawakening and people are following them over there. Here is the link:

So glad r/GreatAwakening is gone by liberal_feminist in greatawakening

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There were no calls for violence shill.

Said it is faster than voat and the owner is one of us, a realist. by crypt in greatawakening

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There is no app, but I can pull it up on my phone browser just fine.

/r/greatawakening (Q) has just been banned for no reason. by Orangutan in greatawakening

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Hello Orangutan. Is this a sub devoted to Qanon discussion and analysis?

Thanks for creating this by mpow13 in greatawakening

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Is this a sub for Q people? Love how this looks just like Reddit but with simpler rules.