"This announcement from Reddit Admins scares the bejesus out of me." by Orangutan in conspiracy

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People have already mentioned the differences in code base (phuks and poal share their own brand of code as well afaik), but Voat is a site where right wing and right wing extremists gather. The differences is mainly in who's using the site and the content they bring.

I like the people here but the site looks god awful on high res mobile devices so I'm on phuks for the time being (@magnora7). On the other hand saidits RSS support is king amongst the reddit alternatives so I subscribe to saidit-subs while I visit the subs on Phuks.

Joe Rogan Meets Roe Jogan by magnora7 in funny

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5 people find this insightful?...

Aren't we supposed to use uplols?

Nurse dragged out of hospital, arrested for doing her job by voter in news

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Can one consider a news article from over a year ago as news?