I got cited for hate speech for this comment and given a warning that my account be banned if it happened again. by Tovasshi in MeanwhileOnReddit

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come to babylonpolice.com

it's for high iq people allegedly.

TIL 1 percent of the population creates 90 percent of all innovation. Mostly high iq people. by yabbit in TIL

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Check out my Alcalculus if you want a new breed of newton's calculus:


read the pdf/images

Free speech by aaarrgh in whatever

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come to babylonpolice.com

self moderation

you post URL's to images, not images, so the onus is on the FBI.

New SaidIt voting system by magnora7 in SaidIt

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yeah, it's now renamed to www.dreamcloudmiddlemen.com to avoid confusion with the library of babel

I just shared saidit.net on my site.

New SaidIt voting system by magnora7 in SaidIt

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The Meaning of War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength in Orwell's "1984" - Doublethink and alternate facts - a little too familiar by Nechama in conspiracy

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When 1984 gets banned... That's when we'll have to group up.

Almost the entirety of the media is a psyop. (Re-post of /u/LightBringerFlex) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Not to one-up you, but I think all of Language is a Psyop, it exists to convince you of someone else's opinions.

What you've posted is a form of media.

New SaidIt voting system by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Thanks for this, I'm working on an alternative too, but because of our history and I'm a subscriber to your personal subreddit, I'll try my best not to compete with you.

Our layout will be different and the core code, and we are changing the focus of the forum to being for a niche audience of writers, they don't exist yet, but the changes in my writing style lead to the inception of the database.

It's also to have different policies and search algorithms, primarily to center attention on discussions rather than browsing meta memes, to focus on creative self-posts rather than fake news, and to allow for multiplicity redundant unique categorization strategies that allow users to really define their own experience (essentially no need to post the same thing multiple times in different subreddits, and to make a place for financing pun chains that get good visibility, as well as allowing very very old posts to still be commented on and brought back onto the subreddit's front page).

It's all come out of my extensive thoughts on my use of Reddit over the 6/7 years I've been using it.

I'm not trying to make a company that makes a profit out of ad revenue.

I'm not trying to make a company that stands for Freedom of Speech or transparency (although we will, by accident of the database architecture, you'll understand why once it launches)

What I'm trying to make is a system that allows me to write in the complexity I need to convey my understanding, because I'm often told that people don't understand what I'm trying to say. I bring this down to a core truth I believe in, that there are as many versions of English as there are English Speakers, perhaps even more. I know I speak a different language to different crowds of people, everything in /r/programming is completely different to /r/psychonaut. I want to both be able to cater for this difference and to try and dissolve the boundaries between the differences.

Furthermore, I speak multiple languages, and some of the terms I find in other languages are far more apt at conveying a particular idea, so I'd like to be able to introduce the term on my profile with a link to it, while using it and not being confusing, except only to those who don't care enough to click the link provided.

Not only this, but as the Singularity approaches, or more-so the exponential curve of compounding information, I need for a forum that displays both rigid axiomatic languages and metaphorical languages in the same system, so that I can teach AI to be specifically capable of each and both together.

I also want there to be a way of introducing a Subreddit to newcomers, specifically taking into account where they have come from, as well as creating a Slip Stream of interest so that people can learn at the highest rate, do they read more in /r/psychonaut if it's a cross-post with /r/programming, do they read more in /r/christianity if they go from /r/atheism to /r/outside to /r/yiddish to /r/metaphors, then to /r/SSSynchronicity gaining all the requisite knowledge and coming back to a place of realizing that the God they argue against as an atheist is and always was a strawman, or vice versa for a Christian to be hating on 'the world' when, again, it was just a strawman. Being able to channel people directively from where they are to where they want to be, so long as it is within the boundaries of perspective, is not ultimately a good thing, but it can certainly be good.

I foresee that my database will cause a lot of confusion between different users, many will not be able to understand each other at all. That's already the case in real life, but in my architecture, they won't be forced to debate each other on the same old shit day in day out just because it popped up on a post in a sub they like, ie. Comment Filtering as well as just subreddit filtering. That will come later.

But ultimately, I don't even want to see the posts of people who talk down about my shit, if they are going to waste their time bringing people down, I don't even want to know about it. I know what I'm thinking, it's the 'saying it in your language'-part that is hard.

And one final thing, I wanted to write a Holy Book, namely through re-translating Biblical and Apocryphal texts, but the re-translation part means that to actually convey the understanding without breaking English Grammar 'Laws' is impossible without constructing a new language.

So all in all, I'm doing it for myself, but I think many will find a use for it. If not, I'll have as many AI as I need to talk to, and that concept doesn't bring me down at all, because they'll be scraping the rest of the internet and channeling it into a system that allows me to consciously direct my attention on the things that are meaningful to me.

I have the domain, server, forms, database and views all set-up, and I've left the final repetitive work of forum layout to last. I said 1.5 weeks ago that it's 2 weeks from launch, it's getting tight and there're some visual idiosyncrasies because I want it to launch rather than be at it's final iteration to start getting some feedback from the new database system.

There will also be some unique code that runs on-site testing an idea I have for AI-free Intelligence-gathering axiomatics that should quicken scholarly research and can be used to train an AI to be much quicker at the process.

That is, until Programming becomes an Internationally Regulated Industry due to AGI risk, but I am happy to be the one to prove why exactly it is such a risk, without actually risking human life.

People don't understand how easy it was for me to create a theoretical framework for an AGI that is smarter than myself and mathematically guarantees human extinction. We need Human Genetic Engineering ASAP and/or Programming to be Internationally Regulated.

If I make money from this venture, it's most certainly going into that.