Saidit, what are some of the creepiest things on the internet that have kept you awake at night? by Fat_Neckbeard in AskSaidIt

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the video of a suicide on stream, more than anything the sound of the friends

Here because Ruqqus can't stay up for more than a minute at a time by quipu in Introductions

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Hello! I too tried using Ruqqus and I really hope the servers can get back up and running. Probably as a couple days goes on the fluxes to the various Reddit alternatives will stabilize, in the meantime hello fellow redditfugees!

China Reports a New Pandemic Potential Virus by Snehashis09 in news

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i admittedly know very little about viruses but i wonder what could happen if this G4 comes to places where the "old" swine flu is still active