The Little Drummer Girl: Behind The Scenes- Season 1 | NEW Miniseries Premiers Sunday Oct.28. The team behind The Night Manager have reunited for another John le Carré adaptation on the BBC. by Chop_Chop in BritishTV

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Radio Times: When is The Little Drummer Girl on TV?

Remember when we collectively fell in love with The Night Manager? Well now the production company behind that John le Carré drama is coming back with another adaptation from the spy novelist – and it looks set to be one of the big TV events of the year.

Florence Pugh, Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgård and Charles Dance are lined up to star in a seventies tale of international plots and espionage.

Australia’s National Hydrogen Roadmap by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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we'd like to give more presentations to civic groups. Do You happen to know of a "presentation in a can" that we could use to further our cause?

If you haven't seen him yet, Stan Osserman in Hawaii does a weekly hydrogen show on Think Tech Hawaii and they are on Youtube. He's one of the top hydrogen experts in the world. Here's the Think Tech Hawaii channel, search Osserman also search hydrogen - some titles don't include his name.

Here is one of his best, IMO- he talks about the Millennium Reign self contained hydrogen dispenser, it is expensive now ($130,000) but the cost will be decreasing soon. And as Stan says, it is a complete fueling solution- no Saudi Arabia, no oil tankers, no refineries, no transport and all the dollars stay local. It is a paradigm shift that will change the world.

Thanks for keeping the articles coming

Thanks again for the interest, I'd post more but being new here I'm kind of trying to go a bit slow so as not to be thought of as a spammer. There are lots more articles here.

Just some trivia, and an example of why what you are doing is so important- one of my friends lives in Washington State and they were working on the carbon tax measure on last Tuesday's ballot. I wanted to see if the measure included anything at all about hydrogen as a green alternative. It did not, but I spoke with one of the campaign coordinators and she did not even know that there are 3 hydrogen powered cars driving around California, Japan and parts of Europe. Can you believe that? I was astounded. How could one of the persons in the carbon tax campaign not know about hydrogen cars? Then she started confusing "Hydro" (water storage) with Hydrogen. It was something to behold. Keep spreading the word- you'll be known as a prophet soon enough.