Saidit is back online! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Thanks for Saidit very much. As another site concentrates on Wall Street and their options, Saidit is even more important than ever.

Sun Bear Solar Farm Will Be Eight Miles Long, One Mile Wide, And Have Two Million Solar Panels by Chop_Chop in Solar

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24+ years of bombing and invading their way around the world blowing trillions on world hegemony - is it any wonder at all why idiot Americans can't figure out how to build hail-resistant solar panels?

Doesn't matter anyway, the US will never catch China, where the best cheapest panels are now made. Just bought a 55" monitor - for under $300- delivered. From China.

Time: The Rooftop Solar Industry Could Be On the Verge of Collapse. “I have been practicing consumer law for over a decade, and I’ve never seen anything like what we are seeing in the solar industry right now,” says Kristin Kemnitzer by Chop_Chop in Solar

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Link doesn't work. Likely fake news from time anyway

Works for me just now. Go ahead and ignore it anyway, if you think it's fake. Ignoring things is how China took over the industry if you remember.

Fool Me Once (TV Mini Series 2024) 7.0 | Richard Armitage, Michelle Keegan, Joanna Lumley by Chop_Chop in BritishTV

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Trivia: The Burkett family estate is the same house used in Peaky Blinders (2013) as Tommy Shelby's house (Arley Hall & Gardens in Northwich, Cheshire, UK).