Building 7 by useless_aether in funny

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Did Gary Webb kill himself?

This solar farm has to switch off every second day due to negative prices by Chop_Chop in Solar

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If only there was a way to store excess renewable energy for weeks at a time...

bobbobbybob by Chop_Chop in retards

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Chop_chop has created a sub called solar where he spams more of his hydrogen bullshit. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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Nothing much to say really, just chop_chop is a retard. I should really make a sub called 'retards" and just post chop_chop's name all day long. Is it really necessary to create a sub about solar in order to keep pushing the hydrogen line? Has the man no shame?

Paging /u/magnora7 - where on the pyramid is calling another Saiditor a "RETARD"?

Solar Hydrogen - fuel of the future