I don't want this incel sub on Saidit. They promote violence, rape, terror, racism and pure hatred. Here's one example of many by [deleted] in SaidIt

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you just made this account for this one post, if you don't like them being on saidit why did you stalk them here

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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So you are claiming that you are on an alt because of how our community is, implying you are just an average saiditer concerned with IP2, yet also claim to know about IP2 origins and also claim Kimberlee has never given out her name on stream so if people say her full name it is doxxing her. How would you know that unless you watch everyone of her and ices stream. You have exposed yourself as an ice poseidon fanboy and puppet. Good Job.

Tired of seeing one sub take over All, some subs may cause a bad first impression for first-time users. by SpeakEasy in SaidIt

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if new people who find this site cant handle it they don't belong here, they should stay in there reddit safe space for their own good

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Remember after he supposedly reformed when he did a bunch of hit and runs on camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l_Qhly0ou0 he hasnt changed one bit, he just saw his fan base turn on him and tried to pretend to be an SJW in hope that Twitch would unban him for swatting himself on an airplane, that he himself still has a video up to this day allowing him to get views encouraging further attempts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZHQoRfFTmM

If you're a reddit 'refugee,' why did you leave? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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My community s/Ice_Poseidon2 was banned from reddit and a majority ended up here from trying to relocate the community

Saidits First Documented Drama - 大下雪 by Tiwaking in SaidIt

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Good Kick Rocks

TIL an AI that tracks "hate speech" finds minorities to be the worst offenders. by Chipit in TIL

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silly robot, doesn't it realize only white people can be racist

Saidits First Documented Drama - 大下雪 by Tiwaking in SaidIt

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u/Snow is a loser attention whore