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The thing the Republicans didn't think about is that if you can force someone to have a baby you can force them to take a vaccine.

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There is a substantive difference in preventing the active killing of a human life, which is what happens when a baby is aborted, and mandating an experimental and unnatural medical gene altering therapy. The process of having a baby starts long before the mother even knows if there is a baby inside her, thus abortion can only happen if there is in fact a child within. The process of administering a vaccine doesn't start until the vaccine is injected. Any steps prior to that, like an official notice saying; "you must get this shot", there is no vaccination until the actual injection. A forced vaccination violates bodily agency. Pregnancy is not a violation of bodily agency, it is the naturally designed result of sexual intercourse. Another difference is that whilst the vacks can be forced on men, women or children, no government can force a man to have a baby, because men can't get pregnant.