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I just wish that these kinds of videos could deviate more from being a mere reflection of what feminists spew in their pouting sprees.
Just complaining about them complaining doesn't seem all that productive.

Personally, I find it makes more sense to show men how to be competent. Sure, in the dating world, but more so in other areas like finance or general skills. I have this lingering feeling, actually, that if men just forget about woes with dating and find ways to gather competencies, that the success they're looking for would quicker find them.

If there wasn't so much exposure to men in their teens, this wouldn't be so difficult. That's generally the best time to gain social experience, but the feminists have ensured the only ones that can be valuable are girls who follow the rules strictly. It's awful that we have to more or less sacrifice a generation or two of young men (at least in terms of their lives being relatively stable in comparison to other generations) all just to fix the glaring faults with dogmatic women and the younger women they're affecting.

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the Boys make a lot of good points. I too think the best thing a guy dating 'screwing' a woman over 35 can do is keep her at arms length emotionally. She's likely been on the cock carousel for much of her adult life and has so much baggage you'd need porter to help you carry it.

One thing that always amazes me about the new women I meet is the fact that in the first hour she'll tell me of every major negative event that has ever happened in her life, and usually they are the fault of some man, some former BF or husband or the father that screwed her when she was 12yo. I don't know if that confession is supposed to make me step up as the White Knight, or just feel like I should become her protector, but it always make me feel queasy and always lowers my opinion of her. The real stuff that would interest me, her hidden agenda for example, is never revealed, and that agenda becomes a sort of cat and mouse game that ends in separation 3 or 6 or 24 months later when I don't fulfill it by opening a joint bank account or proposing. Weird shit man...

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Joint bank account? I thought prostitution was illegal.

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"hero saving beauty" is nowadays standard, no women can sick /w hero type personality.

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    I give you full permission

    I want it in writing :)