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That's cool. Here's the actual debate in case anyone is interested:

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Actual debate starts at 11:15. Second round starts at 24:22, and from it I observe that Project Debater's main issue is not being able to understand what Harish Natarajan was saying. This lead to its stunningly-well researched, persuasive argument being construed as out of touch. Third round starts at 37:30, and Project Debater does very well to pick out something that Harish Natarajan actually sort of addressed, but because he was using the words "subsidy for the middle class" she didn't realise that that was referring to the subsidy for the pre-schools in a pejorative fashion. Thus, she thought that all of his arguments were criticising pre-schools, and ended up arguing for his point in the third part. Harish Natarajan picked up on that! Wooo! (applause) He also noted what kind of language that Project Debater didn't understand, and picked up on that, and used it further.

See also:

  • 29:35 "Project Debater raises an interesting claim when she notes that maybe the state has the budget to do all the good things. Maybe it has the budget to provide healthcare. Maybe it has the budget to provide welfare payments. Maybe it has the budget to provide running water as well as preschool. I would love to live in that world, but I don't think that is the world we live in."