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To walk through the seas of most men's souls would barely get your feet wet.

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Charles Eisenstein writes that the concept of "boredom" is a modern invention, a spinoff from consumer society. "I'm bored" =~= "I have nothing appealing to consume", the misleading assumption being that consuming stuff is what life is about. c.f. for how it relates to dumbing down

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"I'm bored" simply means that the person's mind is tired, or they're mildly depressed. A nap will fix that right up! -Timmy!

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"I'm going to expose horrified women to my cock"

Also Louis CK

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this is BORING

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No, this quote sucks.

What if I live in north korea, you dipshit (I'm addressing the author of the quote, not the reposter)?

In today's world, some people have all the opportunities, and some people have none. And the internet is the main reason of it. I live in a "developing" country (it would be more sincere to say it's a God-forsaken, dirt-poor, shithole). Median salary here is approximately $750 a month, and failing. Without education or work experience an individual can work for as little as $230 a month. It's better in some other "developing" countries, and worse in some other "developing" countries.

By my calculations, some people that work in the IT sector can make as much as $2000 a month or more, working 4 hours a day and 5 times a week. I want nothing else to say, thank you for reading.

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If I lived in North Korea, I probably would be very unhappy, but I doubt that would be because of boredom.