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Yeah this is an information attack

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For sure. Hey, I'm good friends with CelineHagbard and he maybe someone you might want to think about as an admin if you are. I totally get you point on wanted a bad apple, and he's probably one of the best people I have met from reddit. Not sure if he would be interested, but the dude codes & stuff and is a great guy who is very level headed when it comes to censorship and conspiracies in general. Just a suggestion... Oh, and congrats on the move to Switzerland!

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I like CelineHagbard as well, from C_S_T. We'll consider something like this. Perhaps we can create a sub-admin position that can only delete posts and nothing else, and everything is in a public log. Then we could have a few people in that position, and if they abuse it we can get rid of them. I'll think about it some more.

Thanks! Switzerland is going to be great

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Is there any issues with article 15 & 17 though? Just curious. Thought it was kind of odd to move to a country that is under the new EU laws.

Also, figured out that reddit is definitely in violation of labor laws. The california code makes it extremely clear they can't use colunteer mods the way they do.... Shit, they are even marketing their volunteer mods as a selling point for brand protection. @ 4:40

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Thought it was kind of odd to move to a country that is under the new EU laws.

Switzerland is not in the EU. EU countries were not an option for the reasons you listed.

Ha that's funny about reddit's labor violation. Labor laws aren't really enforced in the US though, which is probably why they feel comfortable promoting that.

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In the vast majority of the US, I would agree, but reddit done fucked up, and picked San Francisco. Here is California's labor code -

(a) Any work performed by a volunteer. For purposes of this section, “volunteer” means an individual who performs work for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons for a public agency or corporation qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a tax-exempt organization, without promise, expectation, or receipt of any compensation for work performed.

This was used to revamp how college interns works, because a couple kids sued a production company in LA.

Reddit is in clear violation of that code and I have a bunch of info that mods play an important part of reddit's business model. I'm just holding off for now to see how things go.

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Interesting point. Now how do you make anything happen because of it? You could either report it to some agency that probably will do nothing, or you could generate so much publicity about it that it becomes a PR nightmare for them.

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I've contacted several lawyers already, and all of them agree it's a landmark case... It's kind of why I haven't gone after it because it could change a lot of stuff on the internet and definitely kill reddit. Reddit wouldn't be able to handle the lawsuits, let alone once people realize that reddit should be helping them with the mental trauma of being abused as a mod... Similar to the Facebook mod class action lawsuit…. And if I wanted the state to jump, I would point out that reddit is avoiding paying taxes on labor worked. The state tends to not care, until they are being deprived of revenue they should be paid on.

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Reddit wouldn't be able to handle the lawsuits

I bet you would be surprised. They have fleets of lawyers for this type of thing.

It'd be interesting though if you could move in this direction.

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I'm sure facebook & fox does as well and why I contact the same law firm that is representing the FB mods for a consultation.... But like I said, I've held off, I don't want to be the asshole who killed reddit. I live in a bay after all. It is why I bring it up from time to time just to see if someone else wants to bite. Haha, I guess I'm a pussy like that, not interested in the money or notoriety, but would love to see it from a distance.