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    maybe the trolling post of basedaf1 before effected my judgment for him,

    Yeah obviously. It was obvious your judgment was affected 5 days ago, that's why I started ignoring you when you started harassing multiple users. Stop trying to act like admin, because you're not, and just use the site like everyone else. Please.

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    she harassed me, for one. called my comment a shitpost and myself pointless, (i responded in kind) then she removed my comment and banned me, THEN she replied to my other comments, knowing i can't reply, then she called me a fool, a lunatic and finally blocked me when i criticized her on a sub she is not modding.




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    Yup you should not have been banned from their sub for simply questioning the premise of the sub. Snow got a strike for it and you've been unbanned.

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    she also banned me and erased my comment here:

    edit: thank you

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    Thanks I would suggest ignoring this user as much as possible. I know it's hard, but please try. They're also on strike 2 of 3 now, so don't worry too much

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    coolio iglesias

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    if you realy mean this, then why did you make another post about u/basedaf1 just now?