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Hopefully something juicy or at least interesting comes out. The official drip rate does seem to be accelerating a bit...

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On reddit the UFO subreddit is a lot busier. And some youtube channels are a lot more active about it.
And the military seem more open to talk about the stuff. The evidence that they bring on is not very strong, though.

But we already had Disclosure Project in 2001 by Steven Greer, with lots of high level military talking about their experiences with UFOs. It might have been spectacular, if not something else happened around the same time (9/11).

So based on that I think that those involved may do anything to stop any disclosure from happening. Or maybe they are using it to push a gigantic military program where the UFOs/extraterrestirals are portrayed as enemies. Or create a fake enemy. Some of those people involved have been waging senseless wars all the time.