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I like you Trident, but you seem to come up with a lot of excuses why you're alone. You should either A) stop caring, or B) do something about it.

I imagine

You sabotage yourself by assuming everything is bad and you're going to fail. That is not a conducive attitude to finding a woman.

There's a lot of lonely good women out there, you just need to meet them, say hi, see if anything clicks. If it doesn't, no biggie, have fun with it.

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Buy yourself a girl from overseas.

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You are just making excuses for your own lack of effort which is the REAL resson for incels. Women are not interested in lazy lacklustre men who sit and whine when society doesn't provide women for them. Be a man, get off your ass and go out there and find the women! Get another job where you can meet them at! In my early 20s I worked in construction all week. At the weekends I was a bartender. I got more pussy than you could shake a stick at not least because a bunch of the girls who worked at the bar with me all lived upstairs! I could not even begin to tell you the stories about that place!

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Get a different job

I wouldn't change who you are just to meet women. Unless getting girls is the only thing you care about. You can easily keep the same job and go to social gatherings in your spare time.

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”Just to meet women?” What do you think the primary purpose of every male creature on this planet is?

A job is just another word for being enslaved to the system. A system that prevents him from fullfilling his male ambition to find a mate. He has to cut the amount of time he spends stuck in that male world and break out of it before its too late.

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It depends on what type of job we're talking about. Some people have a career they're passionate about. If you're passionate about something, it'll also help you attract a mate. If you're strictly talking about indentured servitude, then a less male dominated field could help, but the question is also whether such a career has the same kind of pay. A higher income helps as well, and women are usually attracted to fields with lower pay.

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It's not just "getting girls" thought is it.

It's whether you want a relationship, marriage, a family home, kids, etc.

Why give that up for some job, which would replace you without a second thought.

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See my reply to raven below, it applies to this comment as well.

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Men in America who are not moronic scum should be grateful to not meet American women. They are nothing but trouble.