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Very brave people!

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I don't like how they treat women, and generally the Taliban is not known for freedom of speech. Although this one instance aligns with your goals, I'm not sure overall they should inspire faith in anyone. I guess we'll see how this new Taliban iteration works out.

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The Taliban are vicious scum and mostly inbred with tiny IQs due to childhood deficiencies.

However all they have to do is bring their human rights up to Saudi levels to be accepted by the international community, which is not actually a great stretch.

I mean almost everything which has happened under the Taliban has happened in Saudi recently and people are happy to let the Saudis and their bonesaws travel internationally and sit on UN committees.

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Ah no, in case you haven't noticed, the demands of the "international community", i.e. the Satanic Judeo-Bolsheviks never end. Giving in to them is like giving into a delinquent toddler. They'll take you as far as you'll go. We should all be looking to emulate the Taliban in standing up to this evil cancer.