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hey hey hey. no cause for violins.

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Do you remember the sex slave scandal with links to the Belgian royals that happened in the 90's? Only one guy Dutreaux/Dutraux?? being arrested? Is he still alive or also 'committed suicide?'

Do you remember Westminster's pedo scandal no mainstream news is reporting on anymore?? Silence. The biggest sex scandal involving English politicians and the British Elite- it never happened. Nobody is talking about it anymore.. The Daily, The Times, News of the World, The Guardian mainstream reporting on it back in the day before I even checked the internet sources of today? No arrests. Every information scrapped off the web. Status Que maintained. All those models coming forward?

In a couple of years Epstein will be history..forgotten. Just another fall guy for the people in the background. The big Dogs, Silent, People we -Joe Public-have never heard of.

A violin? I have to go full Wagner or that horn from Red State. Something isn't right and I'm tired of distraction TACTICS. Left vs Right and all against libertarians. Antifa, nazis, the establishments., reddit, saitIt ,.. I'm laughing.. no I'm crying. We are young, are connected from Germany, the U.S. Russia to Venezuela, have the internet. So many conscious, smart people that know what's going on. we are the only ones to really have the power to bring those fuckers down before it's too late. I believe that our generation will be the last. Starting a Revolution. All my life is was reading and hearing about Epsteins, Dutreuax, the Elite fucking us over. Them. In my short life I know that nothing will ever change. People are getting murdered-in public view. We are living in a strange timeline where the sky is green and the grass is blue.

I need more than just a violin to express my despair and anger but God's horn from Red State.

EDIT TO CLARIFY: Sorry u/sodasplash I think I accidentally responded to you, thinking that you were posting to me and pissing me off. Your violin comment wasn't directed at me.