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I like Brother Nathanael, but you couldn't have found a better title or sub? You're not going to get a lot of upvotes with a low-information title like that on saidit. This isn't voat. Have a read here:

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I was honestly stuck on the title, would've just posted it with the same title as the video if I didn't think this one is more appealing to the MDE audience.

Personally think it's pretty corny but I really couldn't think of anything better - I think a lot of people wouldn't click if the title was "Jew talks about the Holocaust". I can't change the title but if the goal is to be purely descriptive I suppose I'd go with "reformed jew refutes holocaust talking points" or something similar - again, still not as appealing to folks here as the crappy one I used.

You're definitely right about upvotes/visibility - I actually didn't think about that. (On second thought, the title I just mentioned would definitely help at giving the post a higher history on the sub.) Didn't consider it when making the post because I'm mainly just focused on getting some content relevant to the fandom out there.

I don't want newcomers to be scared off just because the front page is pretty empty, and this video is pretty remarkable in terms of how upfront it is with presenting its content.

Also not familiar with voat, sorry.

Didn't even understand what you meant at first because I've read through the OP on terms/policy/mechanics quite a few times but never thought to consider how non-archival of posts/only positive voting work to determine what are actually the most funny/insightful posts of a subsaidit. Sorry if that's convoluted, if it doesn't make sense let me know.

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Thanks for the thoughtful response.

I know making titles can be really hard. With saidit, just put all the info right up in the title. No need to think of something clever or clickbait-y or meme-y here, we just want the info, plain and simple.

I think your focus was good... your comment explaining your post would be a good template for a title.

I find it really funny that the first text in the video is "Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation". Not as funny that the PayPal linked in the description seems to have been (((disabled))).

It actually seems 10x more worthwhile than anything else I've seen on the net - "The Brother Nathanael Foundation envisions an America that is Christian in its consciousness and wholesome in its culture."

So your main concern is that paypal has disabled donations to Brother Nathanael as an act of censorship, right? So a good high-information title for saidit would be like: "Is well-known youtuber Brother Nathanael having his donations blocked by paypal as an act of censorship?" and posted in a sub like /s/censorship or /s/videos. Then it looks 100% legit like a news article and you will get lots of upvotes and will have a much wider readership. Might actually open some people's eyes.

Anyway it's not a requirement or anything at all, I'm just letting you know what will get the most traction and readership on saidit. Also the insightful votes are worth 2 points, and the funny votes are only worth 1. So if you want to be at the top of the home page, it's better to go for insightful than funny.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions. We're glad to have you here!

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Hey thank you a lot for the insight, you made me realise something I hadn't even considered. I totally get what you mean about clickbait and whatnot - I'm not fond of it, it's just the same title format I'm used to on that site whose name starts with an R and ends with a T. Will be keeping titles much more straightforward from now on.

Happy to be here and happy to have you showing interest in my posts! I'm really glad the atmosphere is much more positive here than other forums - it's really uplifting and I hope it encourages newcomers to the site to stay :)

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it's just the same title format I'm used to on that site whose name starts with an R and ends with a T.

Hey I totally know what you mean! I developed some bad habits from reddit too, but thankfully saidit gives us the space to step out of that crazy culture and create a better one. Pretend you're a news reporter trying to be as clear as possible to people who only read headlines, that helps me sometimes. The more specific proper nouns, the better.

I'm glad you find the environment uplifting, that's good to hear. That's one of the things I find so frustrating about reddit, it's just so negative and it's hard to have a reasonable discussion about anything. It's like swimming upstream. Very different from how it was 6-10 years ago. We're lucky to have this opportunity with saidit to bring back the spirit of old reddit, with real conversations between thoughtful people. It's nice to see people take that seriously, because it does matter.

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Pretend you're a news reporter trying to be as clear as possible to people who only read headlines, that helps me sometimes

MDE was a shitposting sub though and changing that would basically make it a different sub. It was uniquely a counter culture shitposting sub so I wouldn't really lump it in with the rest of reddit culture. It had a lot of quality content disguised as a shit post. It was a unique place.