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In the early 60's between 10,000,000 and 30,000,000 Americans were infected with contaminated polio vaccines containing SM-40, which is a cancer causing virus. This created the modern cancer epidemic.

The CDC publically admitted this fact, before retracting the webpage.

Measles can be used to cure cancer. You only get one shot, cause you can only get measles once. Also, chicken pox is much more severe than measles.

Measles sounds like a miracle illness to me, which is probably why their trying to stamp it out. If I get cancer, then I'm headed on a quest to find some measles.. (Other alternatives do exist, though...)

Merck's senior vaccine chief scientist casually admitted to introducing AIDS to the West through contaminated vaccines.. Listen to this video. He admits it, and the reporters actually laugh. It's mind boggling.

The contaminated vaccines were cultured on the kidneys of wild Rhesus macaque monkeys, and some of them had AIDS. So now people do too...

The dubious benefits are paltry in comparison to the grizzly reality of the vaccination horror history (AIDS, cancer, etc.).

The facts are suppressed, but the true history is available if you know where to look.

These "anti vaxxers" are the first of many who have recognized that something is terribly wrong, and they're spreading the word.

Anti vaxxers is a misleading pejorative. I prefer to recognize them as outspoken patriots, who refuse to accept the harm that is being perpetrated against their children. They oppose the lies of the currently untouchable vaccine industry.
Literally legally untouchable.

Vaccine manufacturers are now 100% immune from legal liability from any negative consequence from vaccine injuries. You cannot sue them for any vaccine related issue. Period.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is a govt pseudo court, which issues all payments and manages the legal process. This is a paragon of regulatory capture. Probably the envy of every industry.

They call it a court, but it's not. This bogus "court" isn't even a part of the judicial branch. It's part of the executive branch. It's a separate but relevant detail, and worth looking into. I only mention it, because it helps to frame the sheer magnitude of the vaccination industry's power and influence.
This is the force that is pushing to make vaccination mandatory.

So far, the govt has paid out over $4,000,000,000 in damage payments. 4 billion dollars.

The industry estimates only 1% of injured families pursue compensation from damages. So, in a just world that figure would be closer to $400,000,000,000.

That's why they're so desperate to suppress the truth.

Again, the govt paid this money out. Not the vaccine manufacturers, although there's a $0.75 tax applied to each vaccine to pay for this program.
The manufacturers are 100% immune to all liability.

I'm not an anti vaxxer. Vaccines could be useful in certain situations. Although modern sanitation is the true unsung hero of the war against microorganisms, and viruses.

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wash your fucking hands after toilet


eat your fucking fruit and veg

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That's sagely advice Tri-bob! ;-)

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i'm actually a pentabob, just truncated it for anonymity

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You could consider expanding your pseudonym into a Sextabob.

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This article fails to address the valid question of safety and reliability of the vaccines themselves. Its premise seems to be from the platform that all vaccines, and the schedule they are administered on, are all perfectly safe and beneficial to all people. They are not.

Not only that, the article also assumes that the measles are like some kind of AIDS-level danger.

This is blatant propaganda to further stigmatize people who are taking the time to understand these commercial products and whether the potential harm outweighs the potential good.

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We are just selfish. I will not accept a risk to myself or to mine in order to maybe protect someone else. Fuck that shit

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Watch 'Erol On Zionist Jews' exposing evil hiding in plain view, with a hilarious intro ;-