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I love the stuff; Henry Ford liked the stuff, and built a car out of it; they took a sledge hammer to it, and it just bounced off!

Home insulation is what I want it for; 'hempcrete'. I think it's near bullet proof, dense, and over time, mixed with the lime putty, do to it's high silica content, it does convert more so to rock, but floats if I recall correctly.

What pisses me off though, is now it's supposedly 'legal'..... Well I'd like to grow the crop on my land, but 'no', says the state. My bet is as we're already seeing, they're gonna regulate the piss out of it.

It's awesome for the soil, it naturally replenishes over farmed soil, by reintroducing the nitrates. It grows to harvest in only a couple months. It's some neat stuff.

Dupont, and Dow, and the US Govt all should be sued for outlawing it, since it's not fucking Marijuana. What a tragedy.