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Yes, that does hold some resemblance to a psychedelic experience, perhaps not salvia though. Many psychedelics have some similarities in that closed eye visuals take on a kaleidoscope effect, often with repeating patterns, complex colours and depths, and avatars being present bei it a face, a figure or many eyes, animals or aliens.

Salvia divinorum is not a terribly thought provoking or spirit enhancing substance, instead it's confusing and disjointed with no particular recurring aspects that could be considered enjoyable or meaningful. I'd not say salvia was scary as such, but it's not something that induced any powerful emotional responses. Compared to tryptamines and psychedelic phenethylamines, salvia is one of the weirdest and most uncomfortable experiences one can decide to partake in even though it doesn't even last long.

On one occasion smoking 45x extract induced physical detachment, reversal of the sense of gravity, hot and cold flushes, and then complete visual detachment from reality. I was dragged to the left and had no choice but to lay on the floor and circle to the left as I felt like I was falling. I recall the tree outside becoming a painting that turned upside down and the entire room turning white and a giant piano with rolling waves of piano keys wooshed beneath me. The experience had no sound, no fear, no joy, no avatar, and no complex structured visualization. It ended as quickly as it started and resulted in feeling like my skin didn't fit right.

The human brain produces several powerful substances including DMT, it's no surprise that we sometimes have some odd dreams. Appreciate the oddness and find revelations in it if you wish, or just appreciate that the effect of chemicals on our subconscious are interesting as fuck.

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Salvia is associated with the whole wheel thing. Both the one I saw where it's your face or whatever stuck in it, and the one that's bigger than the world and contains all of existence. I have yet to see the other one, though it feels very familiar in an unsettling way. All evidence points to us living in a matrix, and I suspect that the wheel is actually the machine powering the simulation. And the white light trap is a cover so people don't see the true nature of this world, but sometimes it fails and people see it anyway. But fear and lack of confidence keeps them from getting out of it. This same wheel is seen in NDEs all the time so there's something to it.

I also can't help but think it's not a coincidence that I have these dreams more often the more I question reality.

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I also can't help but think it's not a coincidence that I have these dreams more often the more I question reality.

Dreams are often very much a way of us trying to process information and memories. The more you question anything, the more likely you are to dream about it.

A word of caution, the mind is susceptible to suggestion. I used to watch a whole lot of ghost hunting TV show boxsets and paranormal movies. Guess what my sleep deprivation hallucinations became. An old problem of mine was seeing ghosts, clear as day. Normally after too many stimulants, but the point is I had managed to influence my subconscious to conjure these images.