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It's an interesting paradigm you've created here with the double upvote and no downvote buttons. It's like having a live audience where everyone can clap loudly but no one can boo. I'm expecting this to be less likely to become an echo chamber and have more opposing narratives. If that's true, then it will be the most extreme of those narratives that will get the most applause as they compete.

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That might end up being the case. But it might also be the case that it's easier to discover what overlaps the two sides the best, that we can all agree on.

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Yeah that actually does sound more likely now that I think about it. I hope so, that sounds better. That may mean less politics as well, which would be amazing.

We'll just have to see I guess. Should be interesting.

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But you ARE booing with a counter argument, and it's not hidden, nor will you suffer mass down votes from it. I just signed up bc I think it's a great experiment.