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This happens when you destroy your country by importing an army to undermine it

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Says they're pulling out of all equities and trading... so they're basically completely shutting down. That means all the money they have in the german stock market (and everything they have in every other stock market around the globe) will be withdrawn. This will cause lowered prices, and could act as a trigger for a stock market decline.

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This should have happened to the French and German banks in 2015 with the rejection of the Greek "bailout" referendum.

It was a fraud. In reality, the banks were bailed out; not Greece.

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Same with the 2008-9 US bank bailouts. They could've bailed out the mortgage holders, instead they bailed out the banks and no one else. Funny how the banks are "too big to fail" but the American people can fail all they want and our taxpayer-funded gov't doesn't care. Amazing.

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Well I read that their aim is to have 74,000 employees worldwide, which would be 18,000 less than current, but that isn't exactly "SHUTTING DOWN"...

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Well, they're shutting down all their trading and equities branches, and there's probably more layoffs to come... seems like at least half of it has collapsed overnight, which is a huge deal for the biggest bank in Germany

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AI replacement?