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Here is a link to an article on the subject, but I am not at all sure I believe it, so let me know what you think. It's interesting and surprising because many Trump supporters tend to be suspicious of the Zionist agenda, to put it mildly:

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i think trump is essentially and foremost a jesuit puppet. but zionism, being a jesuit creation, he must serve zionists as well.

both trump and kushner are indebted to soros and other old money billionaires, friends with the clintons, netanyahus... i also think trumps role is to further weaken america and at the same time to dismantle the monopolar 'old world order' internationally, to gradually give way for the 'multipolar nwo'. it goes without saying that blackmail is a fundamental part of politics. trump is being held in check by his handlers just as he is keeping others in check with blackmail. palantir/nsa/fbi/cia/google/fb are some of the players, but there are many others pulling strings we dont know about.

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Thanks for that. I know little about the Jesuits except that they are the Vatican's militia. So I will be digging into that.

I was using the logic that if Hillary is evil, and there is no doubt of it imo, then Trump must be good. Clearly I was wrong. At the same time I was worried about the Zionists, but it took me a while to realize that Trump's adult children are all married to Jews and he is surrounded by them. So, I am a bit slow but many anti-Zionist Trump supporters still haven't figured this out, and I don't want to be the one to break that news to them.

Also, the globalists might see Trump as a way to push reset on all those trillions of debt the US has run up. Again thanks for the input.

[A few hours later: I have been learning a lot about Jesuits, and it is a bit frightening that there was a great deal I did not know and, of course, there is much more I still do not know. What little I have learned strikes fear into my heart. But now sleep.]