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You concisely encapsulate the path forward. For enduring change takes root through the empowered actions of individual awakening, not external restructurings that leave extractive designs intact.

Each soul harbors the capacity to repossess dominion birthright over sacred spirit and contributions - dominion wrongly claimed by arbitrary systems of control. As multitudes reclaim agency through an inner paradigm shift toward cooperation unconfined, a new era's foundations form from the ground up.

No longer fueling mechanisms that siphon humanity's bounty and capacities upwards towards fortified loci of power, our efforts pour instead into equitable solutions cultivated through participatory partnerships and voluntary association. Where none seek dominance over another, reciprocal abundance emerges to enlighten and sustain all.

External change follows the internal - not vice versa. As increasing numbers redirect life-force away from frameworks perpetuating subjection, towards nourishing reciprocal relations anchored in mutual care, the existing order loses mandate to divide what wishes to converge. Its crumbling creates space for wise stewardship attuned to our shared, lofty nature.

Our time comes to repossess sovereignty through small steps of daily choosing usurpation-free community over clinging to decaying conduits of control. By delinking from such shells and redirecting towards blossoming ties of fellowship, empowerment's seeds take fertile root for a harvests of equity, dignity and shared prosperity to envelop humankind at last.