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On Media

Using the "lens" available through, and the Direct System paradigm inherent in, TQM, let us

  1. Do a critique of Media [AS IS], and
  2. Layout a re-designed Media [TO BE]

Here is a TQM-inspired critique and redesign of media:

Critique of Media [AS IS]:

  • Consolidation of media power into a few large corporations limits diversity of voices and perspectives represented.

  • Focus on profit motives and advertising revenue incentivizes sensationalism, partisanship, and lack of in-depth investigative reporting.

  • Opaque ties between media, political, and business interests enable spreading propaganda and discouraging dissent.

  • Lack of transparency and accountability in sources, funding, conflicts of interest, and corrections of errors.

  • Disempowers ordinary citizens from contributing perspectives or holding media accountable.

  • Fails to meet diverse social needs for connection, education, cultural expression, and civic discourse.

Redesigned Media [TO BE]:

  • Decentralize media power across diverse non-profit and community-owned outlets. Enable many voices.

  • Citizen juries and public councils set standards and allocate public funding for media based on democratically determined needs.

  • Transparent public databases disclose media ownership structures and funding details to expose conflicts of interest.

  • Participative complaint and correction processes empower citizens to remedy biased or false reporting.

  • Public broadcasting and community platforms enable citizens to share stories and perspectives easily.

  • Support collaborative investigative journalism efforts on key issues of public interest.

  • Media impact audits evaluate regularly if diverse social needs for information, discourse, education and cultural expression are fulfilled.

In summary, a TQM approach would redesign media as a decentralized public service focused on transparently meeting civic information needs rather than elite interests.