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Everything in the wikipedia article is white washed to be as flattering and dismissive of his crimes as possible. They inaccurately claim his kiddie porn is nothing more than "kitch art". His lawyer sister works for the ACLU.

He continues to get work in hollywood. Whenever he is mentioned people claim that the only thing he got in trouble for was masturbating in a theatre.

And of course he is jewish.

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You saw his stash and are certain it's not just bad artworks?

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Let me guess, you're jewish.

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everyone with different opinions to my (OBVIOUSLY correct) opinion about what constitutes art, are jews


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That idiotic misrepresentation of my position is yet more evidece of your jewishness. You don't believe that, but you think it is a cleaver argument. Only people who have absolutely no moral compass or integrity actually make disingenuous arguments like that.

There is no reasonable doubt about the fact that those 70k images were child porn. That is the testimony of the police officers who did see it. The audacity to put forward such an absurd claim is a uniquely jewish trait.

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law enforcement officers never lie


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To say jews=bad because peewee herman was a pedo (zomg also a jew!) has to be the dumbest shit I've heard today... and I've already scrolled through reddit where the psycho trannies call anyone a bigot or nazi for not sucking their hormone attrophied dick.

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But that's not the argument, is it? You have reduced an entire sub full of arguments to one in order to create a strawman. And even had to completely misrepresent that one argument. The Pee Wee incident shows that jews will always protect and aid other jews no matter what. The ADL will lie, defraud, conspire and corrupt government institutions. Judges will debase the judicial system to aid fellow jews. Prosecutors will give fellow jews sweetheart deals. Everywhere jews have a hand gets corrupted. The FBI literally takes directions from the ADL on what groups to label terrorists.

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You call it a strawman, yet you use it as the main subject for the thread as a good reason to summarily hate jews. It's clear you already have a deep-seated bias and rely on meme-ragebait to feed that confirmation bias.

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That is an very bold and blatant lie, you must be a jew. No one lies like a jew. No shame. Full bore, opposite of the truth lie. So despicable, yet even I have to admit it seems to work so well against all the smooth brained masses. It's that "hur dur the truth lies somewhere in-between" mentality that so many have.

But to be as clear and blunt as possible for any of the smooth brains who might be reading: I never used this one post, or this one incident as the main argument for anything. That is an idiotic claim.

Secondly I never said anyone should hate jews, I am systematically providing examples of all the devious, harmful, heinous things jews do and commentary on who they are, how they behave, and why it harms the countries they reside in and the world. The point is not for people to hate jews but so people can limit the harm caused to them, their families, communities, and countries by jews. This sub exists because of the jewish propaganda technique of asking "why do people hate jews/what did the jews do". That is intended simply to gaslight people into thinking that jews are just innocent victims of prejudice. People need to be aware of what jews are up to. They need to learn to spot jewish subversion, collusion, and corruption.

Nothing about any of my arguments or posts is based on bias, it is all a sober analysis of the facts. I present facts. If my facts, or analysis of the facts was wrong you would argue why, instead all you do is make the spurious claim, based on nothing at all, that it is all wrong because "hur dur you don't like jews". That is not a valid argument.

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I must be a jew? lololol. You might want to curate those "facts" better. :D