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Jews. That is the source of our problems.

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Blaming jews is getting old dude.The problems we face are more complex that"Ethic group i hate is the problem".

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Let's assume u/agent_pecan is right. Jews are causing the problems in society. That would be a valid reason to hate them right? Isn't it healthy to hate someone that is trying to hurt you and the ones you love systematically?

I grew up with a close Jewish friend and my favorite authors and professors were Jews growing up. The most Jewish media sources were my daily information sources. I would have gone on envious and loving of Jews had I not learned about the negative things they do collectively.

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If you grew up with a close jewish friend and your favorite authors and professors were jews then i do not see how you can blame jews as a whole for these problems instead of blaming our shit politicians in general for our problems.I myself know a few jews, and all they do is just live their life in peace.I've looked into it and all i get are a bunch of narcissist who refuse to admit whites have made several mistakes in the past.Instead it's all"The jews did all these evil things to make whites look bad."EDIT It needs to be said that no where am i saying white kids should be judged for what their ancestors did, but to act like we did nothing wrong is just passing blame onto someone else.