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Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed representative from regional emergency services as saying the collapse was a result of a catastrophic structural failure.

“The dam could not stand it: one support collapsed, and flooding began,” the representative told Interfax, adding that there were no attacks on the hydroelectric power station overnight.

Last month, it was reported that water levels in the reservoir had reached a 30-year high, as the Russian occupiers had only kept relatively few sluice gates open, according to experts.

David Helms, a former US air force and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meteorologist who has monitored the dam said on Twitter: “The Russians allowed the reservoir to fill to record levels; if the dam failed “naturally”, it certainly failed due to 6 weeks of over-topping and stress on the structure.”

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It exploded, not overflowed.

It was mined last year and ruzzia blew the mines last night.

Also just for fun, this is the THIRD time that this dam was blown by ruzzia. They did it twice to slow the germans in ww2 in the same location

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I made a short movie here using @planet imagery.

You can see that the road, which runs over the dam, was washed away between 2-3 June. That indicates to me that there were structural issues at the facility before whatever happened today. (thread)