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The image (lower in the list) is from Soylent Green.

This "Red Pill Movies" list could also go by several other titles:

  • Movie Fake Life Realizations

  • Movie Mind-Fucks

  • Movie Paradigm Shifts

  • Movies Where Everything Is Not As It Seems

This is not a list about drugs nor pills with a colour. Read about red pill and blue pill for more context.

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So on the front page of Wikipedia is a link to Black Mirror created by the brilliant insightful and prolific Charlie Brooker, my favourite UK wit, tied with Stewart Lee.

Charlie hosted several Wipe series that were brilliant funny deconstructions of mass media.

I've seen all of Black Mirror except for the new 2018 episodes and a couple from 2017 - but I'm hard pressed to remember many of them.

If you think a Black Mirror episode belongs on this list let me know.