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This representative iconic thumbnail image starts the conversation to follow and kicks off the "Truther Top 20s" (TT20) project which bridges platforms and is co-hosted on InfoGalactic : .

From a September 2015 ''Voices From Russia'' blog post ( ) found with a DuckDuckGo image search, understood as a thumbnail this bold iconic image clearly represents and even states the topic title, making it perfect to start this post.

Note: I did not read that blog post and can't speak to it's good, bad, or other qualities.

Almost 2 years ago exactly I wrote this article on Steemit:

It's not exactly a Top 20 list but it is a pretty good reference place start from and it pretty much covers my views which have been further developed and refined since then.

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Truther Top 20s Of 9/11 as concise talking points to wake sheeple up:


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#1?  Governments lie all the time and start every war with a lie.

How is this any different? If folks want examples of the other lies or wars, those are other topics.

I am WIDE OPEN to suggestion how to better organize how these lists are developed, curated, etc. Both here on SaidIt and/or InfoGalactic.

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So, last week I started this Truther Top 20s sub and started with this 9/11 post.

Zero bites.

I'm not discouraged.

On the InfoGalactic page I'd already listed a bunch of things. Perhaps you'd like to add your two cents in a comment reply or edit that article.

Not necessarily in order:

  1. Governments lie all the time and start every war with a lie.

  2. Authentic investigation and inquiry by all governments and corporate media were all silenced, either by 1) fear of more anthrax attacks, 2) systemic harassment against all aspect of an individual's life, including their families, and jobs, or 3) mysterious deaths, thus cementing the cover-up in a dynamic silence.

  3. This was a crime by lunatics not an act of war by the Afghanistan government, nor its innocent civilians.

  4. Buildings don't collapse symmetrically.

  5. Never before nor since has a skyscraper collapsed, nor have building codes been revised to improve safety.

  6. Trillion$ stolen.

  7. Flight control mayhem and military drills for confusion.

  8. Profitable wars started with lies using terrorism and 9/11 as an excuse.

  9. You can't start a war in Afghanistan that soon if you didn't already have plans.

  10. FBI scooped up all 81(?) of the Pentagon's surrounding area videos with only a few frames released. (Hiding much?)

  11. The alleged hijackers may never have been on the aircraft and the airport footage is sketchy.

  12. International silence and cooperation.

  13. Among countless very convenient coincidences there are many .

I'd even like to hear if I brought something to your attention you didn't know before.

Also, I'm keen to hear if you prefer a different order or different more efficient wording.

Peace out.