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I've never heard of Galaxy News Express but looking at their misogynistic title it sounds like a unprofessional trash site. 2019 and women are still shamed for having sex. This trash web site would have never used those words when it comes to male politicians-who are indeed dogs who love to fuck everything with a pussy and a butthole. Instead of going after Ilhans politics they go after her gender and religion in order to please their trash, misogynistic mostly male audience. They would never dare to call out Trump -Rapist, pornstar lover and making an illegal Eastern European prostitute the first whore of the United States, or Clinton, a predator of young women and father of illegitimate children, or war hero McCain who left his faithful, sick wife, when she needed him the most, just to exchange her for a younger woman. This is not a page by decent journalists but some Breitbart, Infowars Alex Jones level of trash.

Ilhan could be the biggest whore or virgin and it won't change my opinion about her.

"The U.S. has historically allowed the highest number of refugees to resettle across the country when compared with the rest of the world. But pro-immigration advocates like freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, say America can do more."

I want a source for this. Numbers in relation to population because it sounds like fake news written by an incel from his parents basement. So the U.S. took in more refugees than Turkey? Germany? some middle Eastern countries? Uganda(?)? A few years back it was an African nation and a country in the Middle East that took in most refuges in the world. The West wasn't even in the top 5 countries. I don't think that it has changed in favor of the U.S. since then.

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Right on! This article sounds like it was written by a some man-boy involuntary celibate who hates Illhan for first being a woman and second being middle eastern. Fake news!

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Illhan is East African but I agree with you. Go after her delusional 'politics'-very easy instead of resorting to Highschool insults. I hate myself for defending her but I'm also tired of misogynistic men who go hard against women for just having a pussy and sex while ignoring their sexual predator/rapist counterparts in politics. There's not much difference between Isis and Western men. They both shame and want to control women's sexuality while they are the nastiest dogs around. Prostitution and porn are rife amongst male politicians but they want to shame women. Insinuating that we are whores for daring to have sex.

One of my heros is an elderly German woman (R.I.P). She stood for years with a sign at Kurfuerstendamm: 'Ficken macht Frei'. 'Fucking makes you free'- a play of words of the Nazis 'Arbeit macht frei'. No excuses, shocking crude language- so unladylike, just straight forward without a shame, unapologetic and she is right. Sex is liberating and beautiful for all genders, whereas only one gender is judged for it and considered to be bad people for enjoying it. This woman must have lived and enjoyed life-without any thoughts about her Reputation.

Only in my early 30's, after being raped- a nasty man who took away the thing he couldn't get and only got by drugging me, I freed myself. My family was judging me for not protecting my reputation and being lose. I realized that I am the Pink lady of Breaking Bad, worrying about my neighbors, strange men, internet people while missing out on the most beautiful thing Mama Nature/God could give us-Sex. I'm tired of men judging us while they are the biggest whores. I'm tired of after being raped I am judged by other females for enjoying and having a sex life after that, and not letting a man who drugged and took me forcefully define me and my life.. I had man insulting me, beating me, hitting me with a cooking pan, threaten me with a knife, drug me, calling me schizophrenic all because I did not give them what is between my legs. Now, I have to watch internet people, so called journalists going after a woman and her sex life only because she happens to be in politics and having a vagina. Nothing has changed. I still have to watch my back, keep my legs closed, never challenge men and continue to be the proper Pink lady.

I can't stand Ilhan and her childish politics but will go hard and defend her when dumb man children try to come after her because what's between her legs. 2019-we are all adults and grown ups. Let's go after Ilhan's stupid ideas and just after her because she's annoying. who she fucks, how often she fucks, how much she can spread her legs is not our concern when we can easily destroy that annoying bitch, as soon as she's opening her mouth. All of those cunts are silent when it comes to rapist, pedo Trump and Clinton or all of Washington/pedo-whore Congress. Let's just go after the females because they have cunts. Simple as that.

Ilhan is a Somali Muslim woman and will not have many sexual partners in comparison to the average Western woman without being 'checked' by her relatives (Brothers, uncles, randoms). I know some Somalis and they don't play, gatekeeping women's sexuality. 2019 and randoms still tell us to keep our legs closed. Starting political discussions by telling us that the person they go against is a woman, a whore and must close her legs. Inventing bullshit and being judgemental. This are the people I am fucking scared of. They are Westerners but no better than Isis, El Quaidia or backward Indians who love to gang rape women who dare to be in the streets after 8 PM. A SaidItor compared women who had abortions to serial killers or murderers. Don't attack her politics but her sex life. Not for her to have fun, enjoying what's between her legs but being judged like it's 1842, for Gods sake! Let's burn that witch at the stake for having a vagina! Burn that bitch!

One fact, for Ilhan to be free and sexually active she could get killed and ostracized by her Somali community. Accusing a Somali, Muslim woman of being a whore/western woman only shows that the writers of this article don't have a clue about the realities of African/Muslim women. That's one of the dumbest shit I've heard in 2019 and only shows how retarded, uncultured, unknowledgeable and dumb some posters are. This is not some hidden or secret knowledge but everyone with a functioning brain with a little understanding of the world and cultures will know how Somali-Muslims tick. Isis and butthurt Western incel men are more or less the same. Both are enemies and potential violaters of my freedom and that of my nieces, girl friends, sisters and every woman on this planet. If she's single and sexually active she will and must hide her activities or risking death or a forced marriage. She comes from a place where men SEW the vaginas of little girls shut! Where women die because of infections. A country where many women got their clit cut off as young girls. A Western fuck up incel attacking her sex and femininity pisses me off so much. I have seen some of those clitless Somali Muslim women. Their stuff is just smooth. I have spoken to women who will never enjoy or feel what I could feel- Feeling loved, having a clit that gives me joy. Touching, feeling, breathing in another human being. Love. Sharing. Only an ignorant, incel jerk could make up those lies and fake news. Only a retard wouldn't know that Somali women can't have sex unless they are married. They are not even allowed to go to their beaches or show some skin.

This place got overflooded by incels, retards and other mainstream internet rejects. Not safe, fun or informative anymore. The recent influx of the donald, opies and that other failed abortion, angry people on this website is noticeable. Fake news, fake outrage and paranoid lies take up big parts of the front page. I am ashamed but have to admit to be a Voater since it's early days. I see SaidIt going down the same path. This page will be overtaken by incels, racists, misogynistic, hatefucks and the more sane, smart, intellectual people will leave. i wonder when the first SaidIt will apppear. Why staying here? I'm a fringe person and love the community. I love the fact of mods looking after me.-like the big brothers I never had. I love to be free as much as I possible can be being judged, and I love me some intellectual, sweet Sadit gentlemen to have interesting conversations with.

I'm all for Freedom of Speech, discussing politics and I'm outspoken myself. I don't have to agree with some of your opinions (I'm a 4/8 Channer since years, a Redditor, I frequent body building websites-most obnoxious, delusional fucks, roaming the interweb streets of twitter and Instagram to stalk my heros, an early Voater, a Tumblr cunt-enduring the verbal diarrhea of teenage boys and angry men) but this is laughable, and I hate liars. CNN and Fox 'News', Conspiracy freak liars who have to make shit up in order to spread more hate and justify the killings of people that don't look like their (ugly) mirror image. You are all 'Unsere Feinde''

Choose another target. 4 Chan taught me that we can be great and can change the world. That woman is young and dumb and not our biggest enemy. Use your (-not you op!) energy to make a real change and finally start a fucking Revolution! You are still playing checkers while I am trying to figure out the big guys who are playing chess. Talking about Epstein when I mentioned the Belgium and Westminster Pedo Ring connection in my previous posts. Public Knowledge since I was a kid and nothing happened! You go on on irrelevant girls like Ilhan, fight over Trump and Clinton when they are just little soldiers on a chest board. Going after little girls when we need a real purge and revolution. Burn that swamp down! Washington, the 1%ers, the Pentagon, CIA, Congress. Nothing will change and pedos will continue to rape girls and boys. I can't believe that somebody- a man linked a post accusing a woman from a country that is anti women and female sexuality, accusing her of being a whore in order to attack her political stance in 2019 on SaidIt. Like it's something, a fact we have to consider when critizing her ill informed political ideas. God, this place turns more into teenage, angry boys 4 chan by the day.. The influx of reddit /Breitbart/Infowars retards and rejects is very noticeable. Some of you just hate her for just existing and being a woman with a vagina who is into politics and successful. So much anger and bitterness from angry boys who have lost track of the real shit that keeps all of us down. Don't you remember to fight the power?

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The U.S. has historically allowed the highest number of refugees to resettle across the country when compared with the rest of the world. But pro-immigration advocates like freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, wants America to open her borders to accomodate more refugees.

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If you want to know who's behind the push to open the US borders, then look no further than Israel.